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Parenthood kicked off 2014 with an hour filled of joy, celebration and laughter.

Just kidding.

It was mostly another dour installment of this terrific NBC drama, one that centered on communication problems between couples and characters.

Thanks to his friendship with Max, meanwhile, Hank went down a path of self-exploration for a bit, wondering if he might also suffer from Asperger's.

Elsewhere, we witnessed Drew and Amy reconnect on Parenthood Season 5 Episode 12, a welcome sight after all they went through following the latter's abortion.

As for Sarah? Sigh… will she ever make the right dating choices? What was the matter with Carl in this case? She may have been better off talking to the man instead of prejudging him.

See, it all comes down to communication. Watch Parenthood online for more:

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Julia: Listen, I don’t know what you thought…
Ed: I thought that I felt something from you. That’s what I thought.
Julia: I’m married.

You seem like the kind of plus one who wouldn't drink a bunch of Cosmos and then hurl in the shower.