New Year's Resolutions: TV Characters Reveal All!

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It's 2014 and you know what that means: your local gym will soon be spilling over with those who have resolved to get into shape for the new year.

But we've spoken to a number of television characters and they have different kinds of goals for the next 12 months. Scroll down now to learn what various fictional individuals resolve to do different in the year ahead...

Return of Coach
Elijah in the Woods

Coach (New Girl): Go away. I understand I was funny for a few moments, but now I'm just interrupting the previously-hilarious loft dynamics.

Olivia Pope (Scandal): Branch out with my wardrobe and maybe try colors other than black, white, and gray!

Rebekah (The Originals): Persuade Matt to join me in New Orleans!

Elijah (The Originals): Kiss Hayley already!

Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time): Don't give up on Emma Swan. The fight will be worth it. Our chemistry is amazing...she just hasn't realized it yet.

Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries): Try smiling for a change. I'm actually alive! Life isn't so bad after all.

Kensi (NCIS: Los Angeles) Uncover the mole, kill the White Ghost and get back to LA!

Daniel Grayson (Revenge): Get away with almost murder. Again.

Rick Castle (Castle): Kiss Kate Beckett. Thoroughly and often. We're engaged now. There are no excuses.

Red (The Blacklist) Protect Lizzie. Discredit Tom. Stay mysterious and creepy.

Joffrey (Game of Thrones): Enjoy my seat and my standing as much as I can. I may lose both before 2014 is over.

Nero Padilla (Sons of Anarchy): Invest in new bullet-proof cardigans. Things are about to get dangerous on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 with my new alliance.

Teresa Lisbon (The Mentalist): Start a new life in Texas, complete with new career at the FBI and a fulfilling personal life. And if Patrick Jane wants to be a part of that personal life, he can chase me.

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays (How I Met Your Mother): Rethink How I Met Your Dad. Really. It may be time to let the franchise go.

Carrie Matheson (Homeland): Stop being a nearly traitorous nutcase who cares more about her fugitive baby daddy that her own country.

Raj (The Big Bang Theory) Find a girlfriend who I can pamper, cook for and who will help me raise my love, Cinnamon.

Hannah Horvath (Girls): Stop being so conservative and consider showing my boobs more.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS): To use a few more words during daily communication than required for survival.

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