Lost Girl Review: Reunited!

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At least it only took until Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 3 for Bo to be reunited with someone in her life.

I was worried we'd get yet another episode of Bo being on her own. The heart of Lost Girl is in the relationships between Bo and the family that she has created around her. Without that, the series just isn't the same and it's a bit of a drag to watch.

Even though Bo was reunited with Dyson, the hour still felt slightly disjointed. The absence of Kenzi, Tamsin, Hale, Trick and even Vex was striking. And Lauren's individual journey didn't hold my interest at all. The only hope is now that Bo and Dyson are heading back home the show will return to what makes it enjoyable.

Bo's interaction with the faux-Kenzi, Julia, was a nice reminder of what she's missing at home. Despite her challenged state from escaping the train, Bo was thrilled to see Dyson. Their reunion was a highlight. He clearly still loves her deeply, though it was refreshing to see that she was restrained in that regard. It's unclear what she remembers, but she does remember Lauren.

Does she love Lauren in the same way still? It's unclear, but I'm glad  that Bo's love life isn't the first thing on her mind right now. She needs her friends and family. She doesn't need the hassles of working through her romantic woes. Dyson seemed to understand what she needed and was there for her.

It will be interesting to see what Bo's father does now that she's escaped from the train. She doesn't seem to remember her time on the train or her father. That could be problematic if he tries to make contact with her again. Perhaps, Trick will be able to help her not only remember, but deal with the ramifications of her father's return.

While Bo was helping the family get rid of their "ghost," Lauren continued to work at the diner. She brushed off Crystal's advances, but finally gave in and showed up at her co-worker's house with pizza and beer. Of course, that led to them sleeping together. I almost wish we didn't know what Lauren was up to.

Her story was boring and whether she slept with Crystal or not doesn't really mean anything in the big picture. Lauren was trying to protect herself and stay hidden. Ultimately, it was Crystal who outed her, but it was bound to happen whether she hooked up with Crystal or not. I wouldn't be surprised if Crystal was on the take the whole time.

It was a sad sight to see Bo and Dyson pass by Lauren in trouble and not realize it. Given their abilities, I would have thought one of them would have picked up on it. Dyson should have at least smelled her, right? It wasn't meant to be though. Now someone has Lauren, but it's unclear who it is. No matter what, it's unlikely to be a good thing for her.

I expect next week will be a bit back to normal with the reunion of Bo and Kenzi (though ... I wouldn't be surprised if it happens off-screen as too many pivotal moments do on Lost Girl). Then, it will be a situation of whether Bo's occupied with her own healing or if she'll go off in search of Lauren. The sooner the gang's back together the better!

Will Bo search for Lauren?

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