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On Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 3 the party's over, but Anna isn't free from what happened. The younger set leave the Abbey for London and someone follow's Mary home.

Anna's decision to keep the secret of her attack from Bates weighs heavily upon her marriage and Bates struggles to understand what he has done wrong.

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Tom realizes he has made a horrible mistake of his own when he is again faced with the past bubbling up to haunt him, this time with more urgency and the threat of permanence. To whom can he turn and can they help before it is too late?

Mary, Tom, Edith and Rose head to London and cousin Rosamund surprises Mary with an outing in which Lord Gillingham is invited. He's not of a mind to give up on her. Rose's date to the ritzy dinner and dance club has far too much drink, and she makes a new friend that her family isn't too keen on.

Edith's beau, Gregson, makes his final plans to go to Germany to get his divorce and the two become closer. Will he make Edith any promises in his absence? 

At least someone gets a marriage proposal and someone might be pregnant and there is some kissing taking place during this hour, so be sure to catch it all when you watch Downton Abbey online! Don't miss a minute -- click now!.

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Papa, you're always saying how we're not the owners of Downton, but the caretakers. Very well, now let's take care of it.


I'll never love again as I love you in this moment, and I must have something to remember.