Cougar Town Review: Scaling Down the Crew

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Sorry, Tom, your cul-de-sac scale models on Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 3 were just too creepy.

Depending on You Scene

Tom is best used on the periphery. There’s always a risk when he becomes part of the main plot. While Tom’s models of everyone didn’t initially veer too far past his usual Tom-ness (there’s a certain charm to Tom’s crazy, weird obsession with with everyone. He’s a man just trying to find friends and find his place), the very real details began to derail the entire thing.

It was a moment of just taking things too far; the reenactments, the clothing, the oddly specific body traits that he gets correct, like of Jules’ boobs being slightly bigger.

Thankfully, there were better plots in motion. Playing up Jules’ inability to say no with Girl Scout cookies and increasingly demanding clients (who have already bought a house through Jules) was fun.

it offered a quick moment for Jules and Grayson’s marriage too. It was a quick check in to prov they’re still solid in their relationship with one another, quirks and all. It wasn't the focus and it wasn't dwelled upon for very long.

Travis and Laurie had their first fight (sort of). They haven’t quite figured out how to talk to each other in this stage of a relationship, so Tom’s creepy dolls finally served a purpose. They don’t have the vocabulary with each other quite yet and their upbringings are so different... but at least they are beginning to learn. Travis and Laurie still feel right.

Plus, it’s always pleasurable to see Ellie bring down some puka shell wearing douchebag with Dog Travis’ puppies down to size. The dragon lady is still there, and I’m still incredibly happy about it.

What do you think, TV Fanatics, was Tom’s cul-de-sac models and dolls too creepy?

Depending On You Review

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