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It was Bon Troyage for a major character on Community Season 5 Episode 5, which was centered on the study group sitting around and being sad and remember the fun times they had with Troy.


This is Community. It was clearly time for a crazy, over-the-top gam of Lava that featured chair centipedes, a never-ending knock-knock joke, Shirley Island and Abed unable to process his best friend leaving.

The culmination of such chaos came when Abed fake killed himself because he couldn't deal with Troy leaving Greendale to sale around on Pierce's yacht for a year.

But Clone Abed could! So it's a good thing Britta and Troy worked to create him.

Confused? We understand. Watch Community online (with a box of tissues) and you'll understand:

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Community Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Britta: You guys ready for closure?!
Buzz Hickey: Of your caskets?!

Troy: I'm better at sex than Jeff, right?
Britta: I've yet to have anyone worse.