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Well, that sure felt like the darkest timeline.

Community Season 5 Episode 4 featured the study group reacting to Pierce's death, with amazing guest star Walton Goggins serving as the late student's attorney and administering a polygraph test to see if anyone actually killed Pierce.

It was a mix of absurdity, humor, sentimentality and even drama.

And, as always, it was a stand-out installment because it featured the main players just sitting around and interacting.

But it was also depressing and here's why: Donald Glover is leaving the show. He's gone next Thursday.

How did this outing set up Troy's departure? Watch Community online now for the answer:

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Community Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Once you reach level 16, you can see the color blurple.


Troy and Abed: Troy and Abed are in mourning!
Jeff: Will you guys please stop doing that?
Annie: I can't believe you did it during your eulogy. SO UNCOMFORTABLE.
Abed: I don't think the audience got that we were singing "mourning" with a "u."
Troy: You were singing :"mourning" with a "u"? Oh no!