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On Bones Season 9 Episode 14 Brennan went toe to toe with Dr. Filmore the podiatrist while he interned for her and Sweets took lead on a case involving a murdered chess master.

Intern Dr. Filmore and Brennan are very engaging on this installment of Bones, as they match wits and trade barbs about hubris, the difference between Canadians and Americans and other interesting points as they try to find clues from bones that were left over after a body was fed to pigs.

Cam is unsure of her desire to accept an award for Outstanding Women of Science from Science Monthly when Brennan is not also offered the honor. Cam has to do some deep thinking in order to find the best way to handle the dilemma.

Sweets has to confront his old chess obsession head on when a chess master is found murdered, and viewers get a glimpse of the man he used be and learn a bit more about the man he has become today.

Whether working man to man or together as a team, the group at the Jeffersonian always gets their man. To be witness to all the fun and cunning work done by the team during this installment of Bones, watch Bones online now!

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Bones Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Brennan: What are you writing now?
Filmore: Just an observation that Americans are hubristic and Canadians must deal with this challenge in future cooperative ventures.

Filmore: You know, in Canada we have a saying. Wait your turn. If you are truly deserving, an honor will eventually come to you.
Brennan: That's why I don't live in Canada.