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Talk about a game-changer to the extreme.

Archer Season 5 Episode 1 didn't just turn this show on its head. It shook it up, flipped it around, danced on the previous set-up's grave and made viewers excited for where everything goes from here.

To steal a line from Pam Poovey, the only appropriate reaction to the premiere would be: Holy $h!+snacks!!"

Within 20 minutes, the ISIS office was abandoned as the show's setting… and the spy agency went from being, well, a spy agency to being a drug cartel. Seriously, we tried to tell you this was a game-changer.

What, exactly, took place? How did the animated sitcom pull it off? What could come next?

Watch Archer online for the answer to two of those questions at least:

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Archer Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Lana: Screw you, Mr My-mother's-a-lying-bitch-and-I'm-too-stupid-to-realize-my-life's-a-pathetic-joke!
Archer: Nice to meet you, Mrs Hello-my-kid's-from-a-sperm-bank-since-I-can't-keep-a-man-because-in-addition-to-my-jillion-neuroses-I-have-a-weird-looking-vagina!

Cheryl: You're all jealous of my fall-back career!"
Pam: As what, an ACTUAL acorn?