Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "You Are My Sunshine"

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Mayhem was prevalent in Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 12 but it was one man's suffering that made the top of our list.

TV Fanatics Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined by Kenny Tasney from to try and figure out Tara's plan, Nero's reaction and predict how Sons of Anarchy Season 6 will end.


Do you have any idea what Tara has planned?

Carla: She elaborately set up a plan to get Gemma out of the boys lives, so she probably has a plan now too. What that plan is ... I have no clue. For some reason, I don't think she's going to run and leave the boys without their father. She can't just break those emotional ties. That's why she didn't take Patterson's deal too. No idea what's going to happen, but I hope that Jax finds out she didn't turn on him and continues to understand why she's taken these actions.

Kenny Tasney: I have had Tara's back this whole season. Even when she went dark side but I was ready for her death when it looked like she was going to rat. But she didn't rat so in all honesty I'm not sure she has a plan. She wants out but she doesn't want to raise their kids without a father. And when people like Bobby say "I love you doc" while she's planning to make a deal you can see it cuts deep. So I think she ran and for right now her plan is she doesn't have a plan.

Christine:  I've got to believe she's got a plan. She's too smart not to have one. I wouldn't have blamed her for taking the deal because Patterson is right. If she doesn't, she'll end up in prison. If she runs with the boys the MC will hunt her down and kill her. I don't see Jax leaving SAMCRO and that life will eventually destroy them all. I have no idea what Tara's plan is but I'm really curious to find out.

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Will Nero turn on Jax and the MC after Juice's confession?

Carla: This could really go either way. Nero has not only Jax's betrayal to consider, but the external pressures for him to dump Jax and SAMCRO. Nero believes in both loyalty and love. In this case, those two things collide. Which will win? Will his love for Jax (and Gemma) outweigh his feelings of betrayal and loyalty to his own club? I believe without a doubt that Nero has it within him to forgive Jax, but that doesn't mean he won't chose to leave him.

Kenny Tasney: Nero was on my list of characters that wouldn't survive season 6. So I've been on edge with him all season. After his conversation with the Mayans and his own crew for him to find out Jax lied to his face and killed a women it's hard to tell how he will respond. He didn't look like he wanted to comfort Jax at the end of "You are my sunshine". But we see in the preview that he gets to Jax and says "You betrayed me" so that seems like Nero talks to Jax instead of putting a beating on him. My prediction is he doesn't turn on Jax or the MC. Gemma has her claws in him and she'll get him killed like she gets all her men killed.

Christine:  I hope you're wrong Kenny. I love Jimmy Smits and this character. He brings a humanity to Gemma that we haven't seen in a while. As much as Nero comforted Jax at the end of this episode, you could tell he was holding back his fury. He could have strangled him and it wouldn't have surprised me. Nero'a a wild card. He could take the high road and work it out or he could blow it to hell and walk away.

Do you think Jax will really get the MC out of the gun trade?

Carla: Definitely. SAMCRO won't be selling guns anymore. The Irish will be working with August and the Chinese were decimated. Will SAMCRO get themselves into a war over all the killing they did? That definitely is a possibility. SAMCRO's use of guns won't go away, but their selling of them will. Though, I don't really understand the point of the coming war unless August and his gangs try to expand their territories. And there's been no indication that's happening.

Kenny Tasney: This is a big one for me, I noticed in this most recent episode that it seems like they're setting up season 7 for war. So my answer is Jax can get the MC out of the gun trade but I guess I'm also saying should he? He gets the MC out and loses all the power right as the Mayans and Chinese align to start a war over the gun trade. I have a feeling season 7 will be us saying geez maybe Jax shouldn't have gone legit. Hope I'm wrong.

Christine:  Yeah, I think he will but I also think it will end up hurting the MC more than it helps. Giving up that kind of power is never easy and the void may leave them in a more dangerous position than they started out in.

Any predictions on how Sons of Anarchy Season 6 will end?

Carla: Patterson will end up honoring her deal with Jax and SAMCRO since Tara bailed. When Tara finds out that she's no longer facing a prison sentence due to Jax's help, she'll return home. Though, there will probably be some messiness for Tara to deal with first. I really hope the family drama doesn't end in any deaths. If someone has to die, I suspect it will be Wendy. If Jax finds out what she yelled to Abel, she's a goner!

On the SAMCRO side, I really don't have a clue what's going on. SAMCRO took out the Chinese, the Irish and August are happy. Now it seems that the Mayans have a problem and Nero's being forced into that mess. I'd love to see some peace for the Club in the finale, but I doubt that will happen. Someone or two or more will probably die.

Kenny Tasney: First and foremost let my say, and I can't stress this enough. Juice has to die. I have been leading the Juice death camp since he killed Miles to cover up he was a rat. He is just not cut out for the dark side of the MC life. He was fine when he was hacking the DMV or being the comic relief but he isn't Happy or Tig and he's proven to be weak and a HUGE liability. I think its a slam dunk that Juice will die in the finale. I have a feeling that wont be the only heartbreak, I will also say I think Tara will survive the season. I think she will be back next season. Also I know the actor who plays Sheriff Roosevelt has another gig so watch out for his death cause its a possibility. As always Kurt Sutter will end his season with heartbreak.

Christine:  Ugh. I have no idea but I have no doubt I'll be on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. I really don't see how Tara comes back no matter what her plan is but this show has surprised me before. And Juice is such a mess it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't survive to see season 7…but I'd hate it. Theo Rossi has been amazing the last two seasons. All I know for sure is that on Tuesday you'll find me holding on to my sofa pillows waiting for the ride to begin. 

What was your favorite scene?

Carla:  Theo Rossi was amazing at portraying Juice's suffering and pain. When he was with Lyla ... just so sad. And that bathroom scene in the mirror was heartbreaking to watch. He made mistakes, but his punishment outweighed his crimes. Jax broke him by forcing him to turn on Clay and kill the mother. Brilliant performance. And Juice ... utterly depressing shell of the good-hearted person he used to be.

Kenny Tasney: Hmmm so many to pick from. But I'm going to go with the Juice scene at De Osa. For starters I thought Juice was about to die so I was happy, then of course I was ticked off when I realized he yet again screwed up his suicide. As you can see I'm the first person to hate on Juice but with that said Theo Rossi as Juice has been fantastic. That scene in the mirror where he was psyching himself up to kill himself was intense and real. The sadness he displayed to Lyla when talking and the complete lack of life in his face when he was talking or even joking with Bobby was just great, great acing. So the Theo Rossi scenes were just great even though I hate Juice with a passion.

Christine:  I want to pick something else just to add some variety but I just can't. Unlike Kenny, I'm a fan of Juice and Theo Rossi just knocked these scenes out of the park. His sadness was palpable. His tears with Lyla, the way he looked at himself in the mirror, you just knew he was going to hurt himself. His confession to Nero was the one surprise but poor Juice can't live with the guilt over what he's done to remain a part of this club. Clay's death may have been the final stray…but I hope not. 

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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Tara: How are you feeling?
Bobby: How do I look?
Tara: Like you've been shot.

She knows she got played. She also knows she got what she needed.


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