Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "A Mother's Work"

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We're all still reeling from Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13.

And, needless to say, Jax Teller will never be the same again.

Below our TV Fanatics Carla Day, Christine Orlando, and Matt Richenthal are joined by Melanie Martin from to debate the chances for Gemma's redemption and what we expect from Sons of Anarchy season 7.


Rate the shock and awe of Tara's death on a scale of 1 to 10.

Carla: 10! It's been a couple days and I still haven't recovered from her death. It's not just that she was killed, but the how and why of her death that make it so tragic. Tara went from walking into her house with a smile on her face to being drowned in dirty dish water and killed with a carving fork to the head. A CARVING FORK! I had to look away. I couldn't take it. The bloodied dishwater in the sink ... 

I'm furious that it happened. Gemma has always been a wild card. Why didn't Jax let her know what was going on? The poor boys. Tara protected them and now who will look out for them? Tragic. Sad. Devastating!

Melanie: I have to say 10!! I always had Tara for the endgame. Even when they came face to face in the kitchen, I didn't think it would go that far. Sutter totally blindsided me on that one! 

Christine: Can I give it a 12? Like Carla I knew there was the possibility that Tara wouldn't survive the finale but the way she was killed still has me reeling. When it happened I found myself yelling no and turning away from the screen.  I'm afraid I'll never look at a carving fork again without think of that scene. 

Matt: Shock? 2. Awe, in terms of HOW it went down? 35. That was simply brutal. What else can even be said? There's no way for Gemma to be redeemed at this point, even if the series did do a valiant effort in depicting why she had fallen so far, so fast.

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Can Gemma come back from this? Can she keep this secret? Will she self-destruct? Discuss?

Carla: She better not. I've never liked Gemma, so I have no sympathy at all for her. She deserves to rot for this. There's no redemption for what she did. If her history is any indication, she'll get away with it. Or, when it comes out, she'll be forgiven. How? I have no clue and hope that it doesn't happen. She should self-destruct and a bazillion other evil things should happen to her.. I'm so upset about it, I can't....

Melanie: The way that the character of Gemma has been evolving this season, I think that she will really struggle with the weight of it. I almost feel like she may come clean to Jax herself eventually. I think it depends on what Jax's situation is as a result of it.

Christine: I can't even imagine how they can redeem Gemma. I don't think it's possible after this. I see a season long arc to her destruction…or at least that's the way I hope it plays out. 

Matt: I don't see how she can. Yes, she was reeling from Nero's breakup. Sure, she believed Tara had ratted on SAMCRO and was gonna steal her grandchildren. But she STABBED HER DAUGHTER-IN-LAW MULTIPLE TIMES WITH A FORK. Katey Sagal is mesmerizing in the role, we can all feel Gemma'e extreme pain. But she's way too far down the murderous rabbit hole now.

How many episodes will Juice last in Season 7.

Carla: Despite Juice's depression and struggles, he's resilient. I think he could make it. Maybe.... 

Melanie: I think that depends on how long it takes for someone to see the homeless woman pushing her buggy around Charming wearing Gemma's blood stained designer boots!

Christine: I didn't think Juice would survive the end of this season so it may be longer than I think. He's such a mess. He seems to be spiraling into a psychotic mess. Of course in the world of SAMCRO those seem to be the types that thrive. 

Matt: I'll give him four. Let's face it: everyone will pretty much die on Season 7. And Juice seems most likely to go first.

What was your favorite scene from this Sons of Anarchy Season 6 episode?

Carla: It's a combination of two scenes. First, when Jax and Tara were at the picnic table. Tara's concern for the boys and acceptance of her fate showed the strength of her character. And, Jax's understanding and love for her demonstrated his core. Then at the motel, I loved when Patterson walked in and Jax and Tara stood there as a united force. Jax's decision to turn himself in was the right thing to do for his family. The sequence of events perfectly ended with them saying, "I love you." After so much hurt, they found their way back to each other.

Melanie:  As heartbreaking as it was to watch, the final scene was my favorite. Charlie was absolutely phenomenal!! Where is his EMMY?!

Christine:  Wow! There were just so many amazing scenes in this episode. But for me it was Jax and Tara at the picnic table. Tara was willing to die knowing she'd done everything possible for her boys and only asked that Jax not do it in front of the kids. She put all of her feelings out there knowing there was nothing left to lose. It was an incredibly powerful, raw, and open conversation.

Matt: Patterson talking to Jax inside the ice cream shop. She finally said everything many of us have been thinking for awhile: Why are you putting your role in a club in front of your responsibilities as a husband, father and a man? In other words: What the heck is the matter with you?!?

Make your predictions for the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

Carla:  When Jax walked into the kitchen, I was screaming (literally or in my head, I'm not sure) for Jax to stay away from Tara's body. Patterson's going to believe he killed Tara, but he will be cleared when the gun on the ground is found to not be the murder weapon. Plus, the murder weapon is missing from the scene. 

Jax will go back on his deal to take the blame and fight it. After that ... I have no clue. In the end, Jax will do what's best for his sons over the Sons. He will honor his dead wife by leaving Charming and do for her in death what he couldn't do when she was alive. Okay, that's probably a dream, but I can hope, right?

Melanie:  I have no idea what path Sutter takes from here, but for the club, a Mayan war is definitely in their future. As for Jax, I have always believed it'll come down to a showdown with Gemma in the end. The only way he and his boys will ever be free is for him to take her out.

Christine:  I like Carla's scenario but I doubt we'll get it. Kurt Sutter has said that there are lots of similarities in this show to Hamlet and almost everyone dies in that! Jax would have to walk away from the club to be a good father to those boys and I can't imagine that happening easily, especially with the war with the Mayans starting. 

It makes me ill to think of Gemma taking care of those boys. I hope that Jax finds out that she killed Tara because without that confrontation I don't think I'll be satisfied.  

Matt: Death, death and a lot more death.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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