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Parenthood was all about truth and consequences this week, both within various characters' personal lives and also within the race for Mayor.

Seriously, will anyone on this series ever smile?!? We know what we're getting every time we turn Parenthood on - tears, tears and more tears - but it might be a welcome change for some folks to be happy once and awhile.

Then again, that's difficult to accomplish when one storyline focuses on a return from Afghanistan and another on a marriage struggling, such as the one between Joel and Julia.

Drew, meanwhile, tried to draw a line with Natalie, while Adam continued to d a great job keeping Kristina's spirits up.

So, grab a box of Kleenex (okay, grab two) and watch Parenthood Season 5 Episode 10 online right now:

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

You know, I've been at work all day at my dream job that I worked really hard to get defending you and, you know, we're losing money because of what you did to Zach. He's so messed up he can't even play.


Yeah, it's official. You're a slumlord now.