The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Handle with Care"

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Well, that was... random? Unusual? Out there? Sort of insane and crazy?

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 could be classified in a number of ways, as it featured Travelers, Amara and the teasing of the Augustine vampire. It was also damn funny.

In this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, panelists Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Steve Marsi breakdown the latest installment. Won't you join us below?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: Can I just say everything about Silas interrupting Damon and Elena's peaceful fireplace snuggle? The snark and sarcasm was flowing faster than in my living throughout the rest of this disappointing episode.

Miranda: I'm firmly Team Delena, but I really enjoyed Stefan distracting Tessa by cooking a meal all so he could save his and Elena's life. He was Amnesia Stefan, but at his core, he was still Hero Stefan, and I believe his action there wasn't motivated by the desire to win Elena back but because underneath all of his Ripper tendencies, he's a good guy, or he wants to be.

Leigh: Loved Caroline and Katherine teaming up together. Katherine was funny with all her Villain 101 in exchange for Elena's meal card crap. I love that she strolled into the party when they were expecting Elena not to be able to and started wolfing sandwiches. That would be me if I were a vampire turned human, stealing sandwiches. Call me Joey Tribbianni because that is my favorite food group.

Steve: Away from the main plot, Kat and Caroline made a fun team. There were also some great one-liners throughout, as we'll get to in question #2.

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What was the funniest line from the episode?

Matt: Easily Silas' knock-knock joke. It's funny because he killed the mayor!

Miranda: "It's called being secure. I can tell you believe in that by the way you wear your hair." Guys, I saw Stefan's hair up close and in person yesterday and it is truly a work of art.

Leigh: Probably Damon's reference to Snooki's backyard. Sure, he's an old vampire but he keeps up with pop culture! They were all like "jerz? Really?"

Steve: Damon lamenting that the anchor is in "Snooki's back yard." New Jersey has given us Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Jack Nicholson and many more icons of entertainment, but has now become synonymous with effing Snooki. I love it.

More unexpected development: Katherine growing old, Amara making her return or Tessa bringing back Stefan's memories?

Matt: Well, our very own Vampire Diaries spoilers section sort of ruined the Katherine angle for me. And we all knew Stefan would regain his memories at some point, right? So that leaves us with Amara. I didn't think TVD would really try to go full-on Orphan Black... but here were are. Only a few more clones to go!

Miranda: Katherine growing old is incredibly interesting to me. It's a pay-off for being subjected to the Cure Quest last season. It has real and potentially grave consequences beyond a vampire simply becoming mortal. Whether Katherine's advanced aging is related to Silas drinking it remains to be seen, but yeah, I'm really loving this particular story.

Leigh: Maybe I'm moronic but I totally didn't see the Amara thing coming. Probably because I didn't think the writers would have Nina play THREE characters. It's excessive. As for intrigue, call me vain but I'm totally curious about Katherine growing old.

Steve: Amara's return was the least expected, in that I truly didn't see a third Elena character being introduced in the present day TVD universe. Why stop there, Julie Plec? I vote for a fourth doppelganger named Dina Nobrev next. I agree with Miranda, though, that Katherine's aging is the most intriguing of those three developments.

Any theories on The Augustine Vampire?

Matt: I give full credit to readers of my Handle with Care review on this one and I guess it will be Elena's father.

Miranda: No theories, but TONS of intrigue! Tons. It gives Wes Maxfield a purpose beyond just being a mad scientist, which frankly could have been interesting enough, even if it's been done already. The Augustine Vampire, provided it's not another doppelganger, has piqued my curiosity.

Leigh: I'm guessing it's too soon to be Jesse. Why do I feel like it's Elena's dad or one of her relatives?

Steve: The Augustine Vamp is an evil, all-powerful bloodsucker with hits sights set on rebooting the show after the confusing, drawn-out saga of Silas finally, mercifully concludes.

Do you like pineapple pizza?

Matt: Please. Like I always say, go sausage, green peppers and onions or go home.

Miranda: Yes, with ham and onions.

Leigh: I wouldn't order it but if it were in front of me I'd get down with it.

Steve: Not my first choice or something I'd order for myself, but I like it enough. If Stefan made it for me I'd politely devour half the pizza with no complaints and compliment the chef.

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