Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Los Fantasmas"

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Please, just tell me, how do I get back?

So Jax asked Tara to conclude Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 8, an installment that focused on the fallout from Tara's devious fake miscarriage plan and also on the pressure facing Nero to turn SAMCRO in for gun running.

Will he do so? What will Patterson do next? Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Kimmie Kins (from discuss these topics and many more in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...



What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gemma's confrontation with Wendy. It was chock full of tension and raised the question we asked this panel below: Who, if anyone, will rat out Tara's plan?

Christine: The final scene between Jax and Tara. As much as I think Tara has to get those kids out of that life, I truly felt for Jax. Losing Tara and the boys will destroy him. 

Kimmie: The one with Jax and Tara at the end. It was such a powerful scene to me, not only because Jax is wanting to get back to Tara but you could tell she is rethinking what she has done. Feeling guilty. Which I think could make a twist in the plan that she has set up.


Who do you think will rat out Tara? Unser, Wendy, her attorney, etc.
Matt: No one. That's what I hope at least. Wouldn't it be cool to actually see Tara get away with it and for viewers to simply have this knowledge color their view of their marriage going forward? Not every scheme has to be discovered, right?

Christine: I think Wendy is the biggest wild card. Junkies simply can't be trusted. Soon enough she'll be willing to tell her story to whomever will pay for her next score. 

Kimmie: This is a tough one, but I am leaning toward Unser to cave. He was having a hard time not telling Gemma when he picked her up. I know that he told Tara he wouldn't, but he cares a lot about the club. Can he really allow this plan to be carried out?

Will Tara change her mind about leaving Jax?
Matt: Nope. She's all about her kids right now, as she should be. I don't doubt she loves Jax. But that doesn't mean it's right to stay with him. It's actually pretty darn selfish.

Christine: I really don't know what she's going to do. She's afraid she's going to prison and was going to give the boys to Wendy, but if she's using again where does that leave her plan? The only way to truly protect those kids is to take the WITSEC deal and turn on Jax and the club but I don't know that Tara's got it in her to do that.

Kimmie: I do believe that she will change her mind. I think that Tara has been so wrapped up with getting the boys out of Charming that she hasn't truly stopped to think how she feels and how she would feel should the divorce get finalized. Now with Bobby and Jax both reaching out to her about the relationship and not giving up on it, it's making her truly realize how much she still loves him.

Most surprising moment: The hit and run, the gang member slicing his own throat or Juice not flinching as the car came at him?
Matt: The hit and run definitely came out of nowhere. But I vote for the reveal that his son was killed in the school shooting. It brought some serious gravity to the situation and I'm always in favor of anything that puts the actions of SAMCRO into larger perspective.

Christine: That car was coming right at him and Juice didn't even blink. The boy's definietly got a death wish. And despite my shock at the hit and run, all I could mutter afterwards was, Juice didn't even flinch.

Kimmie: Juice not moving! I was actually screaming at my TV and everyone else was moving and he was just standing there.I thought at first he was going to be the one to go. Once SAMCRO got to the driver's house and I learned that his son was in the shooting, I figured he would end up killing himself because he was so upset.

Her plan with Nero fell through. What do you think is Patterson's next play for taking down SAMCRO?
Matt: Did it really fall through? Nero is a man of emotion and integrity. He was clearly affected by Patterson's parting words about the greater good. If he can secure the best situation for his son and help get guns off the street, can Nero really continue to resist?

Christine: Ooh, good point Matt. We really don't know how Nero will react. But I think Patterson's going to go hard after Tara and I wouldn't be surprised if it got really messy. 

Kimmie: I think she could try and go after Unser since he is another ex cop that has a very close relationship with SAMCRO.

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