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So... now what, Jax?

The SAMCRO President was faced with some seriously harsh truths on Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 9, learning about Gemma, Nero and, of course, Tara.

How will Jax react? That's just one of many topics debated below by Matt Richenthal and Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic, along with Carmen Ambrose-Sepulveda of Won't you join the debate?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The Nero/Jax fight, or, more specifically, Nero's reaction to it. I love this guy. He's tough when he needs to be, but he'll extend a hand to his friend/foe immediately after throwing down because he's also one seriously empathetic hombre.

Christine: Gemma telling Nero the story about John Teller's death. She didn't hide anything from him and we finally got to hear her side of the story. Katey Sagal has always blown me away on this show but Gemma's quiet, honest retelling of her painful history may be one of my favorite scenes in all Sons of Anarchy Season 6.

Carmen: Clay discovering his saving grace is "pussy." Followed by him biting off the nose of a guard. Pure genius! Thanks, Sutter!

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How will Jax respond to the truth about Tara?
Matt: I think it'll be more measured than most expect. You can't exactly forgive your wife for faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage and framing your mom for assault. But it's clear Jax is finally realizing the toll his biker life is taking on his family.

Christine: Hurt? Rage? Will he ask Patterson to send her to prison? I really have no idea but I'm holding my breath to find out what happens when he gets home. I keep wondering what Tara's plan will be when she realizes that Wendy is using. If Tara goes to prison, could Wendy be bullied into to handing the boys back over to Jax? Would Tara rather they became wards of the state?

Carmen: Jax's reaction is always a calculated one. Even on impulse he is still able to process possible outcomes that are far removed from the moment. The final scene of him sitting in the shop was his way of beginning to calculate what to do next. So I think he might let them go. He almost let Abel go in Belfast, remember? He will never forgive Tara, but he sees the bigger picture.

Do you feel bad for Clay?
Matt: In the moment, yes. That was quite the depressing shot of him alone, bloody, bound in the padded cell by himself. But then I remember his brutal beatdown of Gemma on Sons of Anarchy Season 4... and all sympathy immediately vanishes.

Christine: Not at all. It's not like he had to bite the man's nose off. He's made his own bed. I have no sympathy for him.

Carmen: I do feel bad for Clay. He's fallen so far down that he wouldn't see daylight if it wasn't for the Irish. He went from being President to being a whipping boy. He's been completely emasculated.

What is the deal with the homeless woman?
Matt: I don't really care, to be honest. We all know Sons of Anarchy is based on Hamlet and that story featured the ghost of Hamlet's father. So I'm sure the continual presence of this mystery woman is some kind of shout-out from Kurt Sutter. She always seems to show up when Jax is struggling with his conscience. But I'd prefer to focus my thoughts on the characters we actually know and like and are sure exist.

Christine: Did she look like the red head's mother? Could the woman still be alive? But why? I really have no idea but Jax seemed to recognize the woman in the photo so there must be a connection somewhere.

Carmen: I never paid much mind to the homeless woman before. She seems to follow Jax and find him when he needs it most. I think she's the mother of the young girl. She has mental illness struggles that caused her to abandon her family. I think she faked her death because she was scared to either be a mother or scared to ruin her daughter.

Should Nero stick with Gemma or get the heck out as quickly as possible?
Matt: Heck no. But let's hope he doesn't take my advice because Nero is totally and completely The Man and I don't want him leaving my TV screen any time soon.

Christine: The smart move would be to run like hell and never look back, but I think we all know that won't happen. He loves Gemma and I'll give her credit where it's due. She's always honest with him. I know that I like Gemma more when she's with him.  Call me a crazy romantic but maybe these two love birds have a chance.

Carmen: I love Nero. I don't want him to go. But shes nuts. Run... run fast... save yourself!!! Cause if she don't get ya, Clay will.


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