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Booth and Brennan are newlyweds! Spotting Booth's wedding ring as they lounged poolside in Argentina made me smile.

Speaking of Argentina, was anyone else on the lookout for Hannah McKay on tonight's episode of Bones? Like, maybe we crossed into a parallel television universe where she might have killed the dead man for his gold bars to support Harrison and she'd finally be nabbed by some stroke of forensic evidence Brennan uncovered because she's just smarter than Dexter?

Yeah, it was probably just me. But that would've made Bones Season 9 Episode 7 a more interesting installment, right?

The Murder on the Honeymoon

One thing's for sure: Temperance Brennan does not know how to vacation. But Booth loves her anyway. For an episode about their status as newlyweds on their honeymoon, Brennan and Booth sort of lacked in screen time together, which threw everything off-kilter.

Instead of focusing on Brennan's marriage to Booth, we got an hour dedicated to how cocky and condescending Brennan can be, only to have her warm to the Buenos Aires coroner, Dr. Perez, shortly before determining that Dr. Perez was the one to murder the Nazi war criminal by shaking the woman's hand.

(Just how cocky and condescending can Brennan be? Check out our Bones quotes page for the answer!)

While Brennan was making a new friend, Booth was busy being Agent Andy because apparently the entire city reads Brennan's books, talks about Brennan's books and wants to be the characters in Brennan's books.

Really, Argentina? You all want to meet and/or be Agent Andy? All of you? Really?

Where does Brennan find the time to keep churning these books out, anyway? Does she have Edison and the squints ghostwriting when they're not on the platform? 

Of course not. Because, as tonight reiterated time and again, Brennan's a bit of a know-it-all control freak. It was painful to watch her be so awkward with Dr. Perez. It was funny, but it was painful. 

Most of Argentina was painful, actually. They Skype-like sessions with Sweets and the lab, the espresso-swilling Inspector. (The terrible, terrible accents...) It was all so obviously faked.

Lately, I think that is what's bothering me about Bones. It feels like a show filmed on a soundstage instead of on location. Maybe it's the camera work. Maybe it's the placement of props. Whatever it is, everything feels too unreal on these one-off episodes and that adds to their feeling awkward. 

I'm glad the obligatory honeymoon is over so Booth and Brennan can get back to the Jeffersonian and we can get back to figuring out the new big bad.

So that we end on something positive, the best part of the night was watching Angela and Hodgins be a regular couple while adding Christine to their daily mix while Booth and Brennan were away. That scene where they argued over whose turn it was to tend to the awakened child was something out of real life.

It was fun to watch them dance around the idea of having another and ultimately decide that yes, they do want more children, even if it means less sleep.

Get to it, you two! Michael Vincent needs a sibling.

What did you think of this Bones Season 9 episode? Were you ready for Booth and Brennan to leave Buenos Aires? What was your favorite part of the hour?

The Nazi on the Honeymoon Review

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