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What day is it again? Oh, right, Friday. Bones moved to its new night and time with a second episode for the week, and tonight's was better than Monday's episode if only because there were no baby Bot flies.

Bones Season 9 Episode 9 had Brennan tackling jury duty, and in true Brennan fashion, she needed facts in order to convict the soccer player accused of murdering his wife. But she didn't get facts and the murderer went free. At least for a few days.

Brennan's on the Jury

The thing that works about Brennan and jury duty is that serving on a jury requires everything she embodies. She is the epitome of the kind of person who can see that the justice system works in the manner in which it was designed.

Tonight's case was a quasi-ripped from the headlines story of a soccer player who was accused of killing his wife. Everyone was certain he'd committed the murder, and as it later turned out, he did. But the evidence wasn't there to prove that he was the killer and Brennan couldn't overlook the fact that there was reasonable doubt to suggest he didn't kill his wife.

She forced the other jury members to look at the evidence they'd been presented and vote solely on what they saw, not what they felt, which resulted in the man going free. But Brennan believed him to be guilty and struggled with the fact that he hadn't been convicted.

Somewhat reminiscent of the episode where the knew the contractor to be guilty and heated a house's subfloor to find the blood patterns, Brennan knew the defendant to be a murderer. After so many years as Booth's partner, she's developed a gut feeling about things that she's learned not to ignore. 

When the Jeffersonian's latest remains turned out to be that of the prosecution's key witness, Brennan believed that the man she had helped set free had to be responsible. She was right.

Ultimately, Brennan did good work, like she always does, and used science and evidence to send the murderer to jail. What I loved about the episode were the ways in which Brennan could know something to be true and then seek the answers to prove her suspicions instead of just accepting her gut feeling on its face. 

Bravo, Brennan. 

In non-murder news, Cam's identity thief has turned out to be unrelated to Pelant. We may have thought that story was over and done, but no. It isn't. 

Angela, using methods she advised Cam not to inquire about because they're not entirely legal, found the identity thief's identity.

Angela, who is an artist--and also a super hacker--used the Jeffersonian's technology to commit illegal searches and do what the police couldn't do. Or wouldn't.

The thief is Camille's college roommate, which isn't nearly as interesting as I was hoping. But the woman hasn't just stolen Cam's identity. She's tried to steal her life. 

There should be an interesting confrontation whenever the two women cross paths again, which will hopefully be soon.

And finally, ugh, Daisy.

What did you think of Bones Season 9 Episode 9? What do you think about Bones' new night and time? Check out the Bones quotes page and let's chat in the comments.

The Fury in the Jury Review

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Brennan: Beaten, shot, and possibly drowned. This is very interesting.
Camille: You've clearly been bored.

Murder is bad enough, but soccer? That's anti-American.