The Originals Round Table: "Sinners and Saints"

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Elijah! Klaus! Rebekah! The Originals have stolen our hearts (again) and our Tuesday nights in their quest to recapture the city of New Orleans and reunite their family.

"Sinners and Saints" blew this spinoff wide open, so in true TV Fanatic fashion, we're bringing you a Round Table for The Originals Season 1 Episode 5

Joining us for this inaugural discussion are Heather Vee from and TVF staff members Miranda Wicker, Dan Forcella and Leigh Raines. Read what they have to say and then chime in with your answers in the comments!


What was your favorite scene or quote from Sinners and Saints?

Heather: Please don't make me choose! I have so many, from the big revelations to the smaller, more human (ha) moments. I feel as if I'll answer this in a different away every single time it's asked, so right now, in this moment, I loved the look exchanged between Klaus and Marcel when Marcel tells Klaus he feels connected to Davina. "She didn't just go along to the slaughter, you know?" And Klaus replies, "I do. Marcellus." And then that look passes between them. There was so much unspoken in that glance.

Miranda: I agree, Heather! There were so many great moments, like Davina completely reviving Elijah with just one drop of blood and the Elijah/Hayley tension and her hair-sweep and smile. But my favorite line of the night goes to Rebekah's "Now that we've established that I'm a failure as a sister, and a friend, and an original..." Rebekah's a character I tolerated on The Vampire Diaries but am growing to really love now. There's so much more to her than being the girl who chased the quarterback and wanted a normal life.

Dan: Great call on turning around on my girl Rebekah, Miranda, but my favorite scene of the night had to be the sacrifice.  Yeah we all knew what was coming, but to see that old witch slit that first young girl's throat was still ridiculous.  There was deception on all sides, and at the time the audience could have guessed a number of things were true, but the attempted massacre was done with such great magnitude that no matter what you believed, it was awesome to watch. 

Leigh: I think I have to go with that moment Elijah walked through the door. Rebekah was tossing back shots preparing for Klaus to return and annoy her and then the good brother (who is super hot) walked through the door. A happy family moment for the Originals!

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Team Witch or Team Vampire and why?

Heather: Team Original. I feel this is an important distinction. The witches and vampires can tear themselves apart as long as Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah (and Hayley) are perched atop of the pile of bodies. 

Miranda: Team Vampire, partly because they're just hotter but mostly because, well, yeah. They're hotter. And they have Elijah and Elijah should always win.

Dan: I'm obviously with Heather on Team Original, but if I have to choose between regular vampires and witches, the answer is always vampires.  When have witches ever been all that interesting? 

Leigh: I think we're all on Team Vampire last night. The thing is they both kill a lot of people. However, after hearing about The Harvest and how Sabine was responsible for what happened at the church, I'm on Team Vampire. Also Sophie played the Original family. Not cool. 

If you were Davina, would you want to be normal or to have all the power?

Heather: Oh, I'd want power. But I wouldn't be very ambitious about it. I'd be thinking of all the everyday ways having that power could give me the advantage. 

Miranda: I vote power. Think of all the things you could do that no one else could, like create a wind storm on command or boil someone's blood with just a glance. Normal is overrated.  

Dan: Couldn't disagree more. I would hate to have all that power and not know what to do with it.  Plus, you'd have people coming after you all the time.  Just leave me alone and let me be normal. Who has time to relax when you have all that power? 

Leigh: While I would probably enjoy that power at 28, is there anything you want as a 16 year old girl more than to just be normal? Davina wants to make out with Tim, hang out with her friends, and be a teenager. I get it. 

Scale of 1 to Hybrid Slaughter, what does Klaus do now that he knows the witches killed Cami's brother?

Heather: Whew. This might be the biggest question mark from last night. Because I think Klaus has guilt about what did to Cami, that could make his retaliation quite extreme. Related, I'm interested in seeing how Klaus and Father Kieran get along, or don't get along. 

Miranda: I hate the compulsion Klaus used on Cami--hate with the fire of a thousand suns--but I think he hates it more. I'm really not sure we've seen just how much rage Klaus is capable of releasing yet and I think the witches will be that target when we do. So Hybrid Slaughter goes to 11 with this one. 

Dan: It's still early so I don't think he can go balls to the wall on this yet.  There will be some hiccups along the way, but yeah, by the time he gets all of his energy into this, and 11 doesn't seem all that far off. 

Leigh: I love that Dan just said balls to the wall. I think that Klaus is definitely Pissed with a capital P and yes Klaus is a psycho but he's a calculated psycho. Especially with Elijah back they're going to let their revenge simmer before growing to a full hybrid slaughter boil. 

Better bonding: Klaus and Marcel, Rebekah and Hayley, or Elijah and Davina?

Heather: I love them all, and they each had exceptional moments this episode, but I love Rebekah and Hayley the most. I love the idea of two women watching out for each other and I love that Rebekah never had a sister and this might be her opportunity to have one. 

Miranda: Beks and Hayley are definitely awesome together, but this one goes to Elijah and Davina. 1. More Elijah is never a bad thing. 2. Davina seems like a real character now and not just some mysterious and all-powerful witch in Marcel's attic. 

Dan: Gotta be the Bro love, even if it was a bit of acting on both sides.  There's nothing better than seeing Klaus laughing it up over a few drinks.  My Lord Joseph Morgan is charming. 

Leigh: I loved that moment between Rebekah and Hayley. They both need a girlfriend! Rebekah doesn't just traipse through the mud in fabulous boots for anyone! (Plus they are best friends in real life)

Name the Magical Miracle Mikaelson baby.

Heather: Esther. HAHA, JUST KIDDING. If anyone thinks that kid isn't getting named "Nikole" or "Nikola," they are sorely underestimating Klaus's ego. It'd be awesome if the name somehow related to Henrik, though, because I'm a sucker for touches like that.

Miranda: Louisa, for Louisiana. And, random, but did you know Hayley's last name is apparently Marshall? If they were having a boy, I'd vote for that. 

Dan: Taking a stab out of left field and going with Elena.  With all the drama she caused Klaus over the years, his passion for the girl has run so deep that he subconsciously names his kid after her. 

Leigh: Speaking of Klaus drama, what about Katerina? Now he'll always be able to keep an eye on her. For a boy it's definitely going to be Nick Jr. 

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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