Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Salvage"

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Is SAMCRO finally on the right track?

Jax gave a passionate speech to multiple characters on Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 6, but will it be enough to avoid any more club deaths?

That's just one topic we cover on this week's Sons of Anarchy Round Table, as TV Fanatic staffers Matt Richenthal and Christine Orlando are joined by Kitty Kronicles from to break down "Salvage." Gather around and join us below!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one. It's been a long time since we've actually seen the men of SAMCRO relaxed, happy, joking around. It was refreshing to be reminded of their bond and why the club actually exists, following so many dark weeks of violence and death.

Christine: Bobby coming back to the club. I didn't see that one coming and I loved his and Jax reunion. It's good to see him back at the table.

Kitty: I always have more than one! However, I will also choose the reunion of Jax and Bobby. The words took only seconds, but the expression on Jax's face when he realized what his old friend had done, was priceless.


Do you like the new Juice?
Matt: Absolutely. He's gone through so much over the past couple years and has been paying his dues for so long now that the guy was bound to snap. This should be a fun dimension for the character.

Christine: Is he competing with Tig for who has the least impulse control? I'm not quite sure how I feel about Juice with anger issues but I'll say this... it certainly isn't dull.

Kitty: More so than before. He could spend a lifetime trying to prove himself. He needs to reign in a little and stay focused. But, yes, I like this better.

Tara filing for divorce: A good plan?
Matt: It's a plan at least, I'll give her that. I'm just glad she's taking some actual steps here to protect her children because they have no positive future being raised in Charming, around SAMCRO. But she's making a major mistake in trusting Unser. His loyalty will always be to Gemma and there's no way this ends well.

Christine:  I just don't see how she pulls it off. If she files the papers while she's free, Jax and Gemma will fight her for the boys tooth and nail; and if she does it once she's incarcerated, I don't see how she could possibly get custody of the boys for herself or Wendy. Either Tara takes a deal, turns on SAMCRO and she and the boys head off to Witness protection... or she commits to Jax and the life. I don't see a third option that works.

Kitty: I'm pretty sure it has something to do with distancing herself from the club, to lessen the possibility of a conviction. Tara loves Jax and she will protect him, but there is more to it. I'm still not sure what I think!

Were you inspired by Jax's speech to SAMCRO and the other charters?
Matt: I don't have a lot of faith in Jax at the moment. He really is responsible for Phil being killed and the clubhouse being blown up. He also turned Tig over to Marks a couple weeks ago, certain he'd be killed. So was it a good speech? Sure. But I once heard something about actions being louder than words. Go prove it, Jax.

Christine: Yes, he actually had me believing he could pull this off. I'm sure that will all change with the next episode, but in that moment Jax really sold it.

Kitty: I loved every word. I've always loved Jax, even when I hated him, but that scene was where his heart was.

Prediction: Will SAMCRO be out of guns by the end of Sons of Anarchy Season 6?
Matt: Yes. And all their troubles will be gone and everyone will live happily ever after. Just kidding!

Christine: I think they'll be out of guns, but perhaps still paying the price for them. The carnage from their gun-running days will linger longer than they ever thought.

Kitty: I thought at one time, yes. And I still hope they get out, but some heavy things are coming. Gaalen has lost the trust of the council and Clay sees a chance to redeem himself. Not so sure I trust the direction of either of those scenarios.

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