Sons of Anarchy Review: "Los Fantasmas"

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Update: Matt Richenthal had to take the night off and asked me to take over reviewing tonight's Sons of Anarchy...

Nothing is ever free, especially in the world of SAMCRO. Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 8 featured so many wild cards in play that I doubt anyone will win this game in the end.

Multiple Directions

On the one hand, Tara's master plan worked like a charm. She got her restraining order against Gemma and Jax couldn't even stand to look at his mother.

But on the other hand it was all fraying at the edges. It didn't take long for Unser to figure out exactly what had happened. I was surprised he'd promised to keep Tara's secret but I completely agreed with his sentiment in this Sons of Anarchy quote…

I'm not upset about Gemma, Doc. I'm upset about you. It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right.


Even Tara's attorney knew that something was off. It all made me wonder if when Tara looked in the mirror, had she begun to see Gemma's reflection staring back. No matter how justified the reasons, Tara's not on the side of the angels any longer.

That's probably why Gemma was the first one to figure out Tara's game.

I'm a dirty biker whore with a record. She's the good doctor. Does it really matter what I have to say?


Gemma should be thankful that Eli was more interested in the simple justice of guilty or not guilty. Someone else could have been quick to make an example out of her.

Wendy may be the biggest wild card of all. She's been wishy washy throughout this caper. Now that it's all hitting the fan, which way she falls is anyone's guess, and that was before she started using again.

I really felt badly for her. She's just a pawn in everyone else's game and there's no one she can truly trust. And Gemma was right. If Jax finds out she had any part in trying to take his kids away, he'll think less about killing her than he did about Alice the pedophile.

In the middle of all of the chaos, I felt sorry for Jax. Although in many ways it's a hell of his own making, he's trying to make things better. And Bobby's right. He'd be completely lost without Tara. If she takes those kids and leaves him, I don't know how he'll survive. Any humanity that's left in him will be crushed under the weight of her betrayal.

Back to the chaos. Patterson continued to play hard ball by leaking to the media that SAMCRO supplied the gun that killed those kids. The consequences were even bloodier than I'd imagined.

The hit and run was one of the most graphic, gruesome and probably realistic ones I've ever seen on TV. Never underestimate Sons of Anarchy for its ability to turn my stomach and leave me gaping at the screen.

Compared to that scene, a man slicing open his own throat almost seemed tame.

The most heartbreaking moment was to hear Jax Teller plead with his wife, "Please just tell me how do I get back."

Do you think there's any chance he can? Do you think Tara truly wants him to? And will anyone survive when this game finally ends on Sons of Anarchy?

Los Fantasmas Review

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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Giving up the Sons of Anarchy is going to be a very popular get out of jail free card.


I'm a dirty biker whore with a record. She's the good doctor. Does it really matter what I have to say?


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