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If was glossed over by the appearance of Neo-Nazis, the death of two club members, the bloody demise of two other recurring characters and an attack on Unser... but Jax killed Tig last week.

No, not really of course. Tig is still alive.

But we learned his fate at the very beginning of "Wolfsangel," almost as if Kurt Sutter wanted viewers to relax, realize August Marks had kept him alive and then forget about the circumstances that made us question his status in the first place... but it can't and shouldn't be ignored: Jax led August and his crew to Tig at the conclusion of "Poenitentia" with the belief that they would murder him.

He had no tricks or schemes in mind. He simply turned over a SAMCRO brother to be executed. I mean... WTF?!?

Jax, Tig and Jax

Yes, August has made it clear this was a debt Jax owed and his reasoning was clearly the future of his motorcycle club.

But if August hadn't been testing Jax's loyalty and had gone through with the killing - again, as Jax assumed he was going to - it begs the question: the future of WHAT motorcycle club?!? What, exactly, is Jax protecting here?

Empirically, the club is seemingly losing members by the week. And on the emotional side, how is Jax looking out for the best interests of SAMCRO if he's sacrificing members of SAMCRO? You get the feeling that Jax is trying to hold on the concept of a brotherhood more than the actual brotherhood - and he's doing it at the expense of his own, actual family.

"I'm not Clay. I never will be," Jax told Chibs midway through the episode, underlying a theme that has been present since Jax became President: will he grow to be more like his father or his step-father? And the answer seems clear at the moment.

It's unclear if Jax is simply lying to his VP or also to himself, but Clay put a bullet in Piney and Jax might as well have done the same to Tig. What, exactly, is the great demarcation Jax sees between the two leaders?

What was he thinking telling off Galen? Did he really not see the consequences that would arise from threatening the Irish? For all of Jax's faults, he's always been one of the more level-headed brothers, typically the one in charge of formulating and carrying out a plan. But with so many balls in the air - Clay in jail, Toric on the hunt, Tara expecting a child, white supremacists taking down Unser - it's safe to say he dropped one this time.

And two SAMCRO members paid the price with their lives.

Overall, this was a very strong Sons of Anarchy episode. It was just a troubling one. It's hard to look at Jax as anything but a misguided President at this juncture, leading his club into ruin through some seriously flawed decision-making.

But do you know whose decision-making was especially sound this week? Sheriff Eli Roosevelt! Way to be logical, man! I really was not looking forward to Nero getting arrested due to planted evidence, only to eventually be freed and blah, blah, blah. So I was pleasantly surprised when Roosevelt saw through Toric's plan and let Gemma's man walk.

I was also pleasantly surprised when Otto slit Toric's neck. The character had very much run his drug-taking, escort-killing course, becoming more of a one-note caricature than a villain who posed any kind of real threat to SAMCRO.

So now Toric is dead. Otto is dead. Phil and some other dude's name who I forgot and/or never knew is dead. Wendy is teaming with Tara to get custody of the latter's children if that time ever comes.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 appears to be at a restarting stage. We have Marks Incorporated willing to take the gun-running business off SAMCRO's hands, but it may not be so easy for the sides to broker a deal after the Irish gunned down - and cut up - two MC members. Chibs is questioning the club's leadership and Tig is on edge and Juice remains the lowest man on the biker totem pole, who I maintain is headed to Bobby's Nomad charter before the season ends.

I can safely say I'm not sure where most of this is headed, but until Jax screws his head on a whole lot tighter, it won't be anywhere pretty.

There's nothing more dangerous than a gangster who thinks he's got God in his pocket, Jax? I disagree. There's nothing more dangerous than a gangster who thinks he is God.

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