Sleepy Hollow Round Table: "For the Triumph of Evil"

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On this week's Sleepy Hollow Round Rable, we discuss "For the Triumph of Evil." Some of the topics on the board include the Sandman's worthiness in the Army of Evil, the introduction of Jenny and whether Captain Irving is still giving off suspicious vibes.

Where do you stand on these issue? Join staff writers Jim Garner, Michelle Carlbert, Carissa Pavlica and guest Hank Otero from Hank's Entertainment Site and Enrique Rea of as they debate various happenings from Fox's newest hit below.


What were your initial impressions of Jenny?

Hank: She seemed really angry but of course, we soon learn why. Jenny's meeting with Ichabod, showed us that she has a sense of humor. I love Abbie and I'm hoping if Jenny does join their fight, she's able to forgive and leave the past behind. I certainly don't want to see her mistreating Abbie every episode, I'd rather they kill off that character.

Enrique: She seems angry and holding a grudge but looks like a fighter though. I suppose considering all that she's been through it's made her bitter, but also toughened her up. She could prove to be an asset as far as battling evil or, of course, she could just as well fall victim to those evil forces because of her inner rage. We shall see.

Jim: I like her, she kind of reminds me of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor in the second Terminator movie. She's preparing for a war she's known was coming longer than any of us.

Michelle: I was intrigued by her from the moment they revealed her in the end of the last episode and I thought she made a great addition to this one. Once we knew that Abbie and her sister both saw the demon in the woods, it made sense that we would see Jenny again. I think that she could be helpful to them, but I don't know if I'd want to see her added to the team just yet. I think Ichabod and Abbie need more bonding time before we start adding new people to the mix.

Carissa: Jenny is like a slightly less refined version of Abbie. The two of them together should be a lot of fun and will probably drive poor "Ichy" right out of his dirty Civil War garb. Bonus! I don't think she needs to be in every episode, but she's Abbie's sister, and since she was the first one willing to admit to seeing the demon, her presence is important. 

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What did you think of the Sandman as a member of the Army of Evil?

Hank: The Sandman was creepy as hell and again, there were a few moments that made me jump. This show has lots of those and they never fail to get me, like the demon in the mirror in episode one. The storyline was very reminiscent of "Nightmare on Elm Street", but somehow this guy was scarier than Freddy. Maybe it was that voice or the fact he had no eyes/mouth. Too bad they killed the Sandman off so quickly.

Enrique: I thought Sandman was a creative device that began as extremely creepy but then kind of disappeared. He was a deadly influence, but didn't demonstrate enough power or threat in the third act. He became a ghost of Christmas past and defeated when Abbie admitted her faults. It was a deflating confrontation.

Jim: I liked that it was tied into the American Indian lore of demons and that "Sandman" was just how he became to be known by others. Was clever and in-depth thinking.

Michelle: I thought it was a fun/creepy storyline that went perfectly with the Army of Evil story. Though I do have to admit that I couldn't help but to see a lot of similarities in the way Abbie and Ichabod went into the dream world, that were quite a bit like an episode of Supernatural a couple years back. The disgusting potion, the creepy dream world, even the fact that both characters were dropped in the woods and one suddenly found himself in a hallway. But that's just me, I probably have Supernatural too much on the mind anyway. Other than that, the whole idea of the Sandman was fantastic and sufficiently spooky. I especially loved the way that Abbie killed him in the end - by confronting him and showing no fear. I also thought it was a nice touch that he turned into glass.

Carissa: It was an interesting choice to use him since all it took to battle him was your redemptive spirit. It was like playing a game of Truth or Die. Who wouldn't tell the truth and admit guilt under those circumstances? Now that I think about it, he reminded me a lot of the Devil in the movie with the same name, by that Shamaladingdong guy. I loved that movie, and I liked the Sandman. 

What are your thoughts on the Army of Evil overall and the way it's being rolled out?

Hank: I'm looking forward to meeting more baddies like the Sandman, the spookier and more interesting, the better. Of course, when the other Horsemen show up, that's going to be a major highlight. I think they're skipping the "monster of the week" next episode, which is good, otherwise the formula will get old quick.

Enrique: An Army of Evil is a great idea plus being essential to providing a stable of foes for Abbie and Crane to defeat. I just hope there are more formidable agents of evil than the last two.

Jim: I like it so far. We've had one horseman, one spirit and one demon. That gives us a good stable to pull from. I just hope we flesh out the good guys a little more.

Michelle: Loving it so far. I do think that if we get a new monster-of-the-week every week it might grow old so I will look forward to the episodes where they have to deal with a deeper part of the mythology or when something comes back that they've already seen. I am eagerly awaiting the return of the Headless Horsemen, but am very happy that they aren't trotting him out too often. It will make his next appearance that much more fun.

Carissa: I like the Army, but do find them too easily defeated. At least one will need to slip away and come back. Right? Taking some time to flesh out the town and the people within it from the perspective of the covens, the lore, etc., might give us a break from the Army and the Horsemen and yet still offer a creepy factor.

Thoughts on where Irving is going to play into the story as we continue? Still have a spot on a dark coven... Or someplace else?

Hank: I'm still suspicious of Captain Irving to be honest, even at the end of this episode he seemed eerily agreeable. Not sure where his allegiances lie, but I don't think he's part of the dark coven. A minion of the forest demon? At some point, maybe that demon will possess him.

Enrique: Irving appears to be hiding something. He knows more than he's willing to share. He could very well be the most powerful ally to Abby and Crane if, as I imagine, he reveals himself to be a sort of reluctant savior. Supernatural perhaps? Anything is possible.

Jim: Given how quickly he opted not to hear about what Abbie and "Icky" found, I suspect that Captain Irving is going to end up "or someplace else" for a while, and eventually with the good guys.

Michelle: That man is sooooo hiding something. When he calmly accepted the fact that Abbie and Ichabod had taken over the old file room, plus didn't ask questions about their latest quest - I knew something was up. My gut tells me that he will end up on the side of good, but it wouldn't shock me one bit if he dipped his foot in the evil pool either.

Carissa: I'm thinking along the lines of Enrique and Jim here. Reluctant savior, supernatural being, coming to the good side - it feels like something along those lines will eventually happen, but in the meantime they're going to make us feel like he's part of the dark side.

What was your favorite moment of the night?

Hank: My favorite moment, hands down, was everything that had to do with the Native American shaman in the second half. Did you notice his used car lot was called "Geronimotors'? Brilliant! Loved Ichabod's reaction after he drank the potion and found out that scorpion poison would be used to induce a deathlike dream state. I hope we see more of that shaman, seems like we will since Ichabod had such strong ties to them in the past.

Enrique: Honestly, any scene between Abbie and Crane amuses me to no end. Their chemistry and dialogue is so spot on that they could read the phone book and entertain me. I suppose when Crane volunteered to go under along with Abby was my favorite because it adds another layer to their relationship. It shows they are partners and Crane clearly cares for her. What happened while under wasn't so remarkable but it revealed some growth from Abbie.

Jim: As referenced in my last answer, I loved Jenny and Ichabod talking together. Between his vocabulary and her directness, I think scenes between them could get very fun.

Michelle: There were a lot of great moments in this episode, such as the one where the first victim's eye basically popped and squirted out sand. But my favorite had to be the very end when Ichabod and Abbie were done with their dream walk and discussing how they had seven more years of these battles to go. When Ichabod admitted that he was too tired to lie, they both shared a chuckle that just touched my heart. Every week I love their friendship more and this was another moment that solidified it for me.

Carissa: I continue to love when Ichabod shares his memories of the past and where our country was. When he was talking about the Indians and how important they were the creation of our nation and then said "They were my friends." Oh. That was so touching. Tim Mison has fabulous line delivery. 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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