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On How I Met Your Mother this week, Robin and Barney hit yet another speed bump on the road to marital bliss, getting caught in a lie along the way.

The Maid of Honor will often give the bride something borrowed and something new, but Lily was none too pleased to learn she and Marshall's story of how they met was stolen by Robin and Barney. Ted also paid for a bad choice when he jumped the gun and went for Anna Camp's character of Cassie.

Marshall then rounded out the trio of story lines still on his cross country journey with Marvin and Daphne.

Ted's Bad Choice

As "Knight Vision" began, we saw 45 hours still remained until the wedding.

Barney selflessly had his friend's lack of recent lovemaking on his mind as he and Robin issued their collective scouting report on Ted's possible options for a weekend hook up. As great as it always is to see Camp, I don't think the writing gave her much of a shot to be as funny as she has shown she can be on shows such as HBO's True Blood

Marshall, sadly, still has yet to arrive at the wedding, but this week I enjoyed some of the road trip scenes. The one where Daphne pretended to be Lily and Sherri Shepherd's voice played over Alyson Hannigan's lines was pretty funny. Still, I felt bad for little Marvin trying to catch some sleep in the car seat behind them. 

The rest of the episode was pure gold. Seeing Lily and Robin dress as each other during the stealing of the How We Met story was positively hilarious. Adding a funny touch of sentimentality later was when Robin and Barney owned up to the truth about how they met, their sexual history and all the sordid details of the love they proudly share.

Unfortunately, the thought of the two of them sinning in the reverend's office was too much for him. But it was proved fortuitous for us because it allowed for the second great movie reference scene of the episode. 

Barney: Our minister just died.
Robin: We can still use the church but we only have two days to find a new officiant.
Barney: Unless! Wedding at Bernie's!
Robin: We're not doing wedding at Bernie's! | permalink

Despite issuing that decision a tad hasty, Robin certainly has made a wise choice in Barney and vice versa.

As for Ted, he was right: His poor choice of Cassie ultimately will be a blessing when he finally meets the mother. This week, Ted enjoyed plenty of great stuff, but I really hope we aren't going to have to wait many more episodes for some more mother scenes.

Knight Vision Review

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