Hart of Dixie Review: No Longer a Lemon

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On this Hart of Dixie installment, viewers witnesses two different sides of the Breelands. From Lemon proving why she's the most in-depth character on the show to finding out why Brick has been so bitter towards Zoe, the hour provided some major insight into these two characters.

Yes, "Take This Job and Shove It" was the best of Hart of Dixie Season 3 and I can only hope it's a sign of fun things to come.

Zoe at the Bar

After watching the episode I found myself actually happy, a feeling the series hasn't given me for some time. Sometimes this show pulls you in and breaks your heart - and, like getting over a recent break up, you take awhile to get over the things that have happened.

Overall, I was so happy with the character progression and lightness, as noted in the following individual highlights:

Brick Breeland

  • Brick was his Hart of Dixie Season 1 self, going from the guy that had his walls broken down to jerk Brick. He was bitter. Knowing his character, I didn't think that this was abnormal. The real reason was deeper than I thought. He was hurt that Zoe left.
  • Brick finally revealed that Shelby left him and Magnolia is gone. We still have no clue where she went. I am glad, however, they addressed this. I'd like more but I'm not sure we will get it.
  • The final scene where Brick opened up to Zoe? There's our big teddy bear! Welcome back, Doc! I mean that to both of them.

Joel and Wade

  • Poor Joel. He reminds me so much of Zoe in Hart of Dixie Season 1. I just feel bad for him at this point.
  • Wade and Joel being friends - I can definitely be okay with this. For one huge reason: Wade being friends with Zoe's boyfriend shows maturity. Thank you, writers.
  • Also, when Wade punched Joel, this was one was my favorite part of the episode.

George Tucker and Linley

  • I still think Linley is a crazy lady. At least in this episode, she admitted it. To say you "over compensated" is a HUGE understatement.
  • How does one get their thumb stuck in a zipper!? 
  • Does anyone really "ship" these two? I mean, if this is where George's next relationship is heading - I'm not feeling it. At all. 
  • No. Nope. Just no.

Lavon Hayes

  • Sometimes I wonder how he is still mayor. So… special. At least he has cool hats and an awesome championship ring.
  • Also, he is still the most naive person in Bluebell.

Zoe Hart

  • Her outfits and shoes were super fabulous this episode!
  • Zoe Hart knows her Musicals. "Remember Lemon, the sun will come out tomorrow.
  • Honestly, Zoe, you should have just ripped off George's thumb or ratted him out. 
  • Joel is adorable and I am glad she has him... but when is he going to go? I could barely stand Zoe when we first met her and now we're having to deal with her all over again?!?

Lemon Breeland (aka The Star of the Series)

  • Lemon quit the Belle'. I repeat, Lemon QUIT the Belles. I am so proud of her, I could cry. This season feels like it's all about Lemon and her progression.
  • The Resistance. This was the best part of the episode. 
  • I have been hanging onto Lemon since the pilot. I knew that Lemon would grow the most out of any character on this show and this episode proved my theory right. It's very rewarding as a fan and a critic.
  • Go Annabeth for getting her back. These two are my favorite BFFs
  • Sidenote: the blocking to hide Jaime Kings pregnancy is becoming incredibly obvious. The bigger she gets, the bigger the blocking will be.

I was impressed with this episode. There was a lot of growth from most of our main cast, especially from Lemon and Brick. If you look back over the past two seasons, did you really think that they'd turn out to be such awesome individuals?!?

Take This Job and Shove It Review

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