Grey's Anatomy Preview: You Know It's "Thriller"

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Last night's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Map of You," featured McDreamy at his finest.

Centered around a brain-mapping project and how important connections are, the installment featured Derek narrating the open and close of the episode, which was an eventful one for many characters.

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Looking ahead to next week's episode, which happens to fall on October 31, it’s Halloween and the doctors of Grey Sloan M.H. are hit with a barrage of spooky patients ... would you expect anything less?

The workload affects the surgeons' plans to celebrate the occasion, and puts one doctor’s well-being in jeopardy. Who do you think that could be, and what sort of plans does the staff have?

Meanwhile, Derek collaborates with Ben on a new surgical technique, and Richard angers Bailey when he asks a second year resident to perform his next surgery, on the special Halloween episode.

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