Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Straw"

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Sons of Anarchy got off to a huge start and a controversial start this week, as "Straw" featured Jax cheating on Tara... Clay making a deal with Lee Toric... and a student shooting up a school.

Which moments were most memorable? Most shocking? Where might things go from here?

Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Christina Orlando and Lisa Warren (from are here to debate those topics and many more. Pull up a virtual chair and join them now!


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Matt: I'll go with Gemma and Nero visiting the latter's son. These two actually have a very sweet relationship. Granted, it involves guns (both of the toy and the real variety), gangs and call girls, but still. Very sweet.

Dan: My favorite scene from a mostly boring premiere was probably the flirting between Jax and Kim Dickens' character. They seemed to have some chemistry and I'm so sick of Tara and her awful haircut.

Christine: It was a small moment but I loved the way Jax and Nero played off of one another as they discussed expanding their business. And the look Chibbs shot Nero as Jax walked away made me laugh.  Other than that, everyone is in such a dark place this season it was hard to find a favorite moment.

Lisa: Tig singing on the dock. It just showed how emotionally detached he is after the gruesome death of his daughter. Poor Tiggy is showing he has some major issues!


React to the school shooting.
Matt: TBD, I suppose. My initial reaction was not positive. I don't think SOA has earned the right to tell this kind of story, not when Kurt Sutter has openly discussed the show as a type of fantasy world with cartoon violence. If the storyline becomes some kind of political fodder moving forward, it will be an epic fail. But if it's used more as a way for Jax to confront the dichotomy of being a father and also the President of a club that runs guns... I can see intriguing potential.

Dan: Bold! That is such a touchy topic. I hope they handle the aftermath well because it could go over very poorly otherwise. I already feel bad for Anna from The OC.

Christine: Honestly, as a parent it made me nauseous. I get that they are showing the unspeakable consequences that can come from selling guns, but watching the blood splatter on the school windows may have been more sickening to me than all of the murder, rape and other hideous violence that we've witnessed over five seasons.

Lisa: I think it was Sutter's way of giving the world a WAKE UP CALL. I'm gonna make you relive this tragedy so take some notes, it is Americas dirty little secret and we don't know how to fix it.

More surprising: Jax sleeping with the Madame, Tig killing that torture porn dude or Chibbs beating up Juice?
Matt: You can't fault Jax when someone is coming on that strong and you can't be surprised by anything Tig does at that point. So Chibbs wins by default.

Dan: None? These are terrible people who do awful things all the time. I guess the most surprising would have to be Chibbs and Juice because it was a tad unexpected that someone in this crew got what they deserved.

Christine: I'm with Dan on this one. None were truly surprising. Tig's got a hair trigger temper and has killed before and Jax's history made cheating on Tara almost a given. I figured the club wouldn't let Juice just walk back in but I was a little surprised it was Chibbs who made him pay.

Lisa: Chibbs beating up Juice. I just thought it wasn't enough retribution for all he'd done to his brothers.

More disturbing: Otto getting anally raped, Lee Toric's bare buttocks or Tara going all Mike Tyson on her fellow inmate?
Matt: Otta getting anally rapped. Once? Meh. Twice? Whatever. But every morning? That's just cruel and unusual, Lee.

Dan: The first two were certainly disturbing, but it was the third that had me shaking my head. It just seemed out of place. I know Tara has had fits of rage in the past, but they've always felt forced.

Christine: Definitely Otto. Watching him be raped, drooling all over the cot and unable to speak (because he bit off his own tongue last season) while Toric taunted him. Highly disturbing.

Lisa: Tara going Mike Tyson on everyone. She should have bit off an ear though for realism!!!

Will Clay flip on SAMCRO?
Matt: No. I actually think he has some plan in place to somehow save the club, to earn some modicum of redemption. But then, shortly after this takes place, he'll be killed.

Dan: Please! Somebody do something! Take Jax down!

Christine: I just don't see it happening, even if he wants to take Jax down. I think the "code" is too ingrained in him. But I do think he'll play Toric as far as he can to keep himself alive.

Lisa: No, I think Clay will be killed before his wet dream of flipping on the club could turn into be a reality.

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