Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "One One Six"

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Sons of Anarchy dealt with the school shooting fallout on "One One Six," with two lives being lost at Piney's cabin and Lee Toric continuing to plot SAMCRO's demise.

Will Jax be able to get the club out of guns? Is there any hope for his marriage? And do you have any sympathy for Juice? TV Fanatic staffers Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando debate these questions and more with Cine Taylor from below. Jump in and join them now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Probably Nero's breakdown after Jax had the mother whacked. Jimmy Smits has crafted a nicely layered gang boss here, one who tries to balance sentiment with shootings. Sadly, however, I fear his emotion will be Nero's fatal undoing in the end.

Dan: I'm going to go with least favorite: when Nero shots his dude in the head. It didn't feel right at all in a story telling sense. It didn't seem like Niro would have acted in that way. There were a number of other ways to keep the two potential rats there without shooting him in the head.

Christine: The final scene with Jax and Tara in bed. They were as physically close as they could be, yet emotionally they couldn't have been further apart. Think about how close they were at the start of last season. Now they're hiding so much from one another and it's very, very sad.

Cine: Agreed on Jax and Tara in bed at the end. Jax is trying to pound away his guilt and problems, while Tara is simple detatched. You could see the end. (No pun intended.)

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Did Jax make the right call in killing the shooter's mother?
Matt: Absolutely. If you're gonna be the President of an MC, this is the type of decision you need to make. Now, whether or not Jax should be the President and whether or not this will come back to bite his family in some way, that's a different question.

Dan: Probably, if his only goal is to save the club in legal matters. But if I hear Jax talk about going legit and then turn around and kill somebody one more time, I'm going to throw up.

Christine: No...and yes. If she were still alive you know she'd show up like a bad penny sooner or later. But why not just have her OD? Why smother her? And wasn't there some rule about harming women and children? I guess that only holds true when it's convenient.

Cine: Jax once said SAMCRO doesn't kill women. Still, it was the right call. But a pillow? No. It should have been an overdose.

Lee Toric or Galen: Who will cause more problems for SAMCRO this season?
Matt: Galen. Toric is clearly unstable. That makes him dangerous, yes, but it also makes him easier to discredit or even to kill. But Galen is a serious businessman, respected in his unique line of work and surrounded by the frickin Irish Mob. Jax and SAMCRO are very much overmatched by this adversary.

Dan: I hope it's Toric. Donal Logue has been a stud so far on SOA, and if he can cause some trouble for the MC, that will be a big time win.

Christine: Toric is completely unpredictable. He's creepy, and scary, and weird and I love him. He's also willing to do anything to take down SAMCRO so, yeah, he's definitely going to cause serious problems.

Cine: Lee Toric, without a demented doubt.

Will Jax and Tara's marriage survive the season?
Matt: Yes, in terms of their legal status. I don't think they'll file for divorce. But you know what they say: once one side bangs a Madame and the other makes custody arrangements behind her husband's back because she may go to prison for life and he may wind up dead... the marriage is pretty much over.

Dan: It's not looking that way. The big question remains, though, how will Tara actually get away? Can their marriage disintegrate without Tara actually leaving town? Or if she stays put, will she just be stuck in her situation for all of time? It's not good for anybody involved.

Christine: God, I hope not. If Tara has a brain in her head, she'll take her kids and the WITSEC deal and run like hell! Of course, one of the repercussions of that is Jax might become even worse than Clay.

Cine: No. Tara will betray Jax, causing him to go to yet another deep, dark place.

Do you feel bad for Juice?
Matt: I do. Sure, the character killed a fellow club member... but did you look into Theo Rossi's eyes?!? That poor guy! I can't help but feel sympathy for a biker who doesn't actually have a mean bone in his bald body.

Dan: I feel bad for Samaire Armstrong. They cast her to roll around under some pillows high as a kite for a quarter of an episode? And then boom! Smothered. I would have enjoyed watching her on my television screen again. Did I mention I've been rewatching The OC? I guess that's where this unprecedented Samaire Armstrong love has come from.

Christine: No. He knows the life and he's chosen to stick around. Whatever happens, he's brought it on himself.

Cine: No. Juice knows the rules, but played a different game. You can't UNsnitch.

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