Twisted Review: It's Time to Come Back

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Whoa! That's one one to describe my feeling after watching Twisted this week! The season finale did as promised and provided us with some major jaw dropping action, that's for certain.

The first half of "Out With the In-Crowd" was a little slow. We knew Lacey was going to face some fall-out after her hook up with Danny went viral, but I'm glad she turned things around the way she did.

Twisted Finale Scene

Danny was doing Lacey a huge favor when he selflessly helped her craft a comeback at Johnnycakes. Of course, if she showed everyone she was against Danny, people would probably side with her again. I guess I was just wondering why she would even want people on her side who don't support her? I'm looking at you, Serita.

Since when would Lacey want Archie back when he was a royal ass? Whether or not she planned to extract information from her, she did a good thing with that information. Archie is the one who poisoned Cole and Cole deserved to know the truth. When Lacey backed up Cole's assertion, she knew she'd be risking her shaky social status, but she realized she was okay with that.

On another point of the infamous Twisted love triangle, Jo went from anger to closure to bad decision regarding her relationship with Danny. Even though it sucked to hear, Jo confronting Danny with her feelings helped give her closure. She should have rushed into Tyler's bed after that rejection? Definitely not, but stuff happens.

Jo, trust me, the only way to get over someone is to throw yourself into something new. Otherwise you’ll never move on. | permalink

Tyler, I think you meant, "the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else." As much as I wanna like Tyler sometimes, something just doesn't sit right. Plus the rule of thriller/mystery entertainment is that if you lose your virginity to them, they might be the bad guy. You've all seen Scream right? Then Pretty Little Liars did it with Toby. Tyler would've zoomed back to the top of my suspect list if it weren't for the two major revelations in the second half of the episode.

FIRST, that shady private investigator from Connecticut knew Regina and apparently harmed her with a nasty bitch scratch. Who is she and what did she have to do with Regina? It seemed mighty convenient that they found the murder weapon right after her suggestion to re-drain the pond. Wouldn't they have found that pipe the first time if they were able to find a tiny necklace? She clearly wants to nail the murder on Danny.

Then we have the fact that VIKRAM IS ALIVE. Oh, and Tess knew. They totally still had an affair going and I wouldn't be surprised if Jo was Tess and Vikram's daughter. I wonder if that's what Tara was threatening to tell and that's why Danny killed her. Either way, I think Vikram had a LOT of lady lovers. 

The season finale of Twisted left me with a lot of questions but it also left me wanting more! Weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments and we'll see you in January!

Out With the In-Crowd Review

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