Rookie Blue Review: Do You Believe?

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It was "Friday the 13th" at 15 Division and the day's craziness was having its effects on the Rookie Blue team.

Searching for Remains

We finally got to see Marlo looking a little out of control as she sat with her therapist. Was she just having an off day or was she on the verge of a manic episode? And that's obviously one of Marlo's concerns: once someone knows that she's bipolar, they'll always be dissecting her behavior for signs of the disorder. I can see how that fear could make it difficult to open up to people, especially Sam.

Sam was having one hell of a day. First, he was positively gleeful when they found Robbie Robertson's body, almost too happy considering the fact that the case revolved around a dead 18-year old. But I get why he was excited. It must be a great feeling to get closure on a cold case and even better to find out that your instincts were right.

I was genuinely shocked that Sam was willing to let Charlie walk and surprised that Traci was willing to follow him down that road. Sam was obviously scared that his friend and mentor was going to kill himself and he certainly didn't want to send the man to prison but the decision to cover up the crime would have haunted Sam just as much as those scenarios. Perhaps more. 

Thinking about Robbie's tragically short life was depressing. The kid got beaten regularly by his father, was hit by a truck while walking home and then got dumped in a ravine where he drown. Ugh.

And every time Charlie insisted that Robbie was dead I wanted to shake him and remind him that he was drunk when he checked Robbie's pulse. When Charlie turned himself in, he was finally doing the right thing but for Robbie it was too little and far too late.

There were plenty of little moments in the Marlo/Sam/Andy/Nick scenario. Sam and Andy's conversation at the food truck was friendly but awkward. It felt like Sam was trying to reconnect with Andy who was having none of it.

Sam: Well if you don't know me I don't know who does.
Andy: Well, maybe your girlfriend. | permalink

Then, Marlo certainly noticed the identical smoothie cups as Sam and Andy walked in.  Yeah, that's the kind of small thing that would cause niggling doubt in the back of her mind.

By episode's end, Sam took notice of how chummy Nick and Andy were and it sent him running to Marlo to unburden himself about his past as he told her…

I don't want to wake up and realize nobody knows me. | permalink

Too bad Marlo couldn't share with the same honesty. Whether Marlo tells Sam about her bipolar disorder or he finds out on his own it will definitely be a game changer for the two of them. The question is, will they survive it?

Speaking of game changers, that's how Dov referred to Chloe as he begged her for a second chance. I was happy she made him squirm for a while. He deserved it.  I thought I was going to hate these two together at the beginning of the season but now I've begun to wonder if Chloe is just what Dov needs to shake things up a bit.

And how funny was it to watch Dov calmly stand there calling for a medic and using hand sanitizer after Trina had vomited on his shoes and passed out. It was as though none of it fazed him in the slightest.

Of course the one thing Dov couldn't seem to wrap his mind around was Celery the witch but Oliver was fascinated as the unique and beautiful woman flirted with him in this Rookie Blue quote

Oliver: Do you have a spell that would make my hair grow back?
Celery: Your head is perfect the way it is | permalink

I kept waiting for Ollie to ask her out. He really deserves to have a little fun and Celery looked like a girl who would make him smile.

Gail had an interesting day hanging out in the morgue with Holly.  I could see Gail being quite happy down there, away from people. I loved Gail and Holly's interactions and couldn't help but wonder if we'll be seeing more of her this season.

Finally we get to Nick and Andy. Andy had no idea why Gail was giving her the cold shoulder and Nick really didn't want to talk about it. Then just when it looked like he was about to open up, Andy ruined the moment.

I'm not sure what I think about these two. I always thought they had a brother / sister vibe but it's obvious that Nick wants more than that. A romantic relationship between the two of them would definitely shake up Swarek.  Something tells me that by season's end, Andy may have a decision to make between the two men. 

So should Shaw pursue his witch? Do you believe Nick and Andy should give love a try? And will Marlo's secret cause her and Sam to self destruct? What do you believe after the latest Rookie Blue.


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Why the ratings are so low? Even Graceland in its most dullness moments are still interesting. Nick in love with Andy? Yuck! I never liked Sam with Andy, she was turning him into a puppy while playing her princess so Luke is single, put them together and leave Gail/Nick alone. After 4 seasons, it was nice to see her REALLY smile and show personality instead of bitterness. The only thing they do right is Dov, they are wasting Traci character.Such a great actress and all we have to see week after week is the Andy drama...Well I have only seen one full episode this season. What a mess...


I don't understand why this series ratings are so low-it's the best thing out there. I will protest if they take it off. I think Andy is going to have both men in love with her and she'll have to make a choice. I was rooting for Sam and Andy, but now I think Chris is probably a better choice. He is more stable and in the long run would be long term. I think Gail is going to realize she is gay. She always seems so cold with Chris and he deserves someone nicer, like Andy. Can't wait until tonight!


Looking forward to the wedding episode, I wish in the clip online that they put Andy in a sexier dress, but nun the less maybe it will still turn Sam’s head!


My hearing is great and I still at time have a heard time hearing over the music. I think Sam was not really going to sweep the investigation under the rug I think he was more willing to put it on hold until his TO would confess. The Nick and Andy story line was silly border line stupid, I know the writers wanted to show them working together and how cute they are together but it really had no point. I know the writers are going to put Nick and Andy together (I saw a spoiler clip online) but I really hope they change there minds. I don’t think it would look good for our leading lady to hook up with yet ANOTHER cop from the precinct especially days or weeks after his broke up with his girlfriend and Andy’s friend! Can the writer come up with something unique? I feel like this is the same situation Andy was in toward the end of season 2 with Sam and Luke. I liked the witch Oliver need somebody fun and exciting. Looking forward to the wedding episode, I wish in the clip online that they put Andy in a sexier dress, but nun the less maybe it will still turn Sam’s head!


I do like most of the episodes. But it really a soap opera In uniform. What I can't understand is why the background music has to overide much of the conversation. I guess it is a show for people with better hearing than me.


I have found that the cases this season have been really good, but this episode was really boring. I found Sam and his old TO, really dis interesting, Andy and Nick's case made no sense. Oliver and the witch, is that the best that the could think of for him, but I guess it will show his growth if he dates a witch, as he has so much distrust of the alternatives arts.
There was no Frank and no explanations as to where he was.

Ronald simkins

I loved the episode and I really enjoy the characters BUT I HATE SHIPPING. Andy - there is no end game- she is much too neurotic to hook up with a normal man. Gail on the other hand would be perfect with Swarick - both equally damaged. On the other hand Dove and his neurotic lady love are perfect for each other plus Oliver and the Witch is too pfrecious for words.


I really hated the fact that Sam was willing to let the TO get away with what he did. And it's even worse that Traci would've gone along with it.
I don't think working with Sam has such a good influence on her...


Sam and Andy....SAM and Andy Don't care about Oliver and Celery NO!!!!!! That would be a TERRIBLE waste of USDA Prime female.(Maybe Bi) ;-)


Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand up, a well-deserved applause for Ben Bass!! Excellent performance!!

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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Oliver: Do you have a spell that would make my hair grow back?
Celery: Your head is perfect the way it is

Sam: Well if you don't know me I don't know who does.
Andy: Well, maybe your girlfriend.