Twisted Review: Hot in Green Grove

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Well, hello there Chris Zylka, and welcome to the wonderfully Twisted world of Green Grove!

Maybe it was Zylka's sexy presence. Or something was in the water. Because it seemed like everyone was hot and heavy in "We Need to Talk About Danny". Unfortunately for Jo, her makeout session was only a dream..


It only took six episodes but Jo finally admitted that she had feelings for Danny. According to what she told her mom, it's not just a little "crush" either. Jo is in love with Danny. What will be crushing is when she finds out about Danny and Lacey's secret affair. Now that Lacey finally gave Archie the boot she and Danny are SO ON. (P.S. Grey Damon, call me!)

You think I want to have a crush on Danny? It’s awful. Snap me out of it. | permalink

As hot as it was to see Lacey and Danny finally go all at it with the makeouts, there was seriously nothing creepier than the fact that they were rolling around on top of the grave...of Danny's aunt who he murdered. Getting down and dirty in the cemetery, what is this True Blood?

Maybe Zylka's Tyler can help ease some of Jo's pain. He seemed to take an interest in her. I fully support this. Jo needs to socialize a little more and Rico has been pretty pissed with her lately. I'm guessing it's because Rico just has a crush on Jo himself. I think it's good to have a more rounded out cast of characters on the show. Maybe with the introduction of new people we can toss Serita? Who is she to tell Lacey she needs to choose between friends? 

Serita also seems really determined not to discuss Regina anymore, almost to a suspicious point. Phoebe doesn't seem to mind. Regina was their friend, it's only natural to have memories. I'm glad that Lacey and Jo owned up to the secret about Vikram and Regina. Danny needs to be kept in the loop if he has any hope of clearing his name.

That said, he also needs to keep them in the loop if he wants their help. I feel like he revealed at least a tiny bit more tonight when he said his father and Tara hated each other and Tara had the ability to ruin their family. It connected a few dots, yet still made Danny look suspicious. If Regina knew why he killed Tara then she knew whatever it was that had the ability to ruin Danny's family.

I also think Tess knows more about Vikram than she lets on. She clearly had history with him as evidenced by last week's awkward conversations with Karen. So now that the necklace has been recovered, what do you think the next turning point will be? Who will spill more secrets? Whose dirty laundry will air?


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This is the best episode by far. This show is getting better and better. Really dark and intense. Danny need to start to open up a bit - at least to the girls if he wants to clear his name. Danny's and Lacey's relatioship should absolutely be kept in secret for now otherwise Archie will literally destroy Danny's life. he does not even like his gut - forget that he took his girlfriend. I like all the characters except for Serita, but my faourite ones are Danny and Lacey. They are both dark and complicated in their own ways which make a great television. Their chemistry is so intense (they are like OLITZ). I actually think about them a lot - God help me - rewatch their clips a lot :-(


I think Lacey reaction to Danny is very realistic, this boy murdered his aunt, just got of of juvie, is a suspect in her best friends murder and is keeping all types of secrets from her. Yeah Lacey is acting completely like someone with a brain, going into things slowly and feeling out the situation, the fact that they have this attraction to each other is just confusing her more. Lacey keeping it a secret is smart this way she can make her own judgments towards the situation without her friends or Jo in her ear. That make-out scene was twisted and hot.

Chris k

This was a boring episode where absolutely nothing happened. It's clearly high school oriented. The characters are dumb or unlikable. I was excited but this one left me really disappointed !


The chemistry between Danny and Lacey is mesmerizing - not possible to look at anything else when they're on screen together. I think Lacey is reacting to the situation pretty realistically; she doesn't want her entire life falling apart and doesn't want to make it all about Danny either, so wants it secret for now (this also creates a lot more dramatic tension for the show, so blame the writers). She's also protecting Danny because if Archie found out right away that she broke up w/him to be w/Danny, there would be major trouble. Tyler is an interesting match for Jo - I'm glad she's getting a love interest. Although, Rico and Jo are adorable together. Its hard to imagine that Jo might be Vikram and Tess' daughter (she doesn't look at all half Indian although its always possible for a mixed-race kid to look a lot like one parent in coloring/features) -- anything's possible in Twisted ;0

Sarah silva

This show is so good! I look forward to it every week.
I felt bad for Danny getting kicked of the soccer team, some one is messing with him and I am sure it is Archie, but that seems a little to obvious, but I still think it is him and I still think he killed Regina and new that Regina was involved with Vikram.
I also feel bad for Jo, she is in love with Danny but he likes Lacey. I am not sure what to think of Chris Zylka's character but he will be a good love interest for Jo.
So next week looks like someone confesses to Regina's murder.
I wish that Danny would tell Lacey he will only date her if they do not keep it a secret! Lacey is better off being friends with Joe and Danny and not everyone else. Well I like Phoebe and I think she would be a good fit for the Jo, Danny, Lacey and Rico group. However I think Rico is getting a little bit meaner each episode and I miss his witty banter with Jo.


I'm not on board with Danny and Lacy, though in some way they deserve each other, and not because they are the best people in the world. Lacy is a stuck up teen diva and Danny is manipulative.


So sick of Danny at this point. I'm sure he genuinely cares for Lacey, but I'm tired of him manipulating both girls' emotions when they confront him. And the whole him looking almost delighted after making out on his aunt's grave? Thank goodness for new guy, to hopefully squash this inevitable love triangle, which, groan (who decided this was a thing?). I hope he isn't bad news because Jo deserves a guy who actually cares about her feelings. I think Danny's dad was somehow a threat to Jo. I remember his "Dad was a huge Jo fan" line from the pilot. Whatever it is, I think it has something to do with her.


Is it possible Danny's father might be Jo's bio dad?


I think Lacey is a total bitch. I think it's awful the way she treats Danny and Jo....hiding the friendship because they aren't 'cool' enough. I really have zero sympathy for that girl. Her popular friends are awful!
Another one I can't stand is the sheriff. He is the most single minded policeman. He has no evidence what so ever and he is just convinced that Danny did it. He's an ass.


I am NOT on board with Danny and Lacey! It feels to forced to me. On the upside, Hello Chris Zylka indeed. I already like the potential his character has.

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