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ANY of the rest of the cast of The Big Bang Theory. They are all GREAT! Plus, Grey's Anatomy had a phenomenal storyline this year with some really good acting. How about having more nominees from regular network TV (that people don't have to PAY to see) and less cable (ESPECIALLY the premium channels!)


Nina Dobrev. She played so many things during season 4! Scared, strong, emotionless, paranoid, psychoatic and she mastered everything! I loved her performancem during the episodes where Connor haunted her, when she didn't believed Jer was dead, when she got tortured by the brothers, in episode 2 during the wake when she was struggling so much and her doing KATARINA is always extraordinary.


as always supernatural is always totally over looked. the show and jared and Jensen should have been nominated..


You only mentioned actors, but I was astonished there was no Aaron Sorkin writing nomination for The Newsroom.



Jake Johnson for lead comedic actor and New Girl for best comedic series.

Hannibal was snubbed all around - competition was fierce so I can see how Mikkelsen and Dancy missed out, BUT how did the show not even get a cinematography or art direction nod?

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