TV Fanatic Round Table: Most Glaring Emmy Snubs

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Nominations for the 2013 Emmy Awards are in and, along with them, the usual outrage over those left off the list.

No love (again!) for Sons of Anarchy or Justified? Bad news for The Good Wife? And don't even get us started on Tatiana Maslany...

Scroll down to find out which actors and actresses would have been included on the lists of a few TV Fanatic staff members and then vote on your biggest Emmy snub.

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Matt Richenthal: It's unfortunate that Emmy voters do not get FX, but that's been the case for years so it feels like a waste to even mentions the lack of acting nods for anyone on SoA or Justified. But assuming they do get basic network television channels, the lack of Nick Offerman and Parks and Recreation in general is baffling.

Steve Marsi: Jake Johnson. But at least this will give Nick another reason to be bitter on New Girl Season 3.

Dan Forcella: For those who had a chance: Jake Johnson. For those who didn't: Tatiana Maslany.

Kate Brooks: Though I am not very surprised, I was really pulling for any nod for Elementary! I was truly impressed by the performances in their first season by Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu!

Nick McHatton: Nothing for Hannibal, and, aside from Joan Cusack, Shameless gets ignored again.

Christine Orlando: Supporting Actress in a Drama, Monica Potter. She's normally a standout on the incredibly under-appreciated Parenthood, but last season's cancer story line should have made her a lock. Outstanding Drama, Sons of Anarchy. If you watch it, you understand. It's Game of Thrones on motorcycles. Guest star, Walton Goggins as a Venus Van Dam on Sons of Anarchy. Even thinking about it now, I laugh and cringe all at once... but it was certainly unforgettable.

Jim Halterman: John Noble from Fringe and Julianna Margulies from The Good Wife.

Lisa Palmer: Besides Margo Martindale as a guest star, The Americans, easily one of the best dramas of the year with great dramatic performances was ignored. Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec continues to be ignored while the same three Modern Family actors get nominated year after year. And Parenthood, which was phenomenal this year, was completely snubbed. Including Potter's unreal performance. And Mae Whitman's ability to cry on command and solicit tears from me also goes unrecognized.

Eric Hochberger: Andrew Lincoln. He only stars on the biggest drama in cable history, anchoring The Walking Dead with both an unparalleled intensity and vulnerability.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: Who do you think was the most glaring Emmy snub?

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To snub the great and gifted Timothy Olyphant and the show Justified after the sterling season 4 is just.....what word even begins to describe the travesty...travesty.


Leaving out Timothy Olyphant (Justified) and Michael Cudlitz (Southland) for their outstanding performances this season is a travesty!


I like what Liz said re: network tv. Looks like the Emmys have all but completely turned into true "pay to play" awards. The premium cable channels are too far out of range for my budget.


Guillermo Diaz, Scandal
Hayden Panettiere, Nashville (she was actually better than Connie Britton, who did get a nom)
Hugh Dancy, Hannibal... and Mads Mikkaelson for that matter
Monica Potter, Parenthood
Matthew Rhys, The Americans
The Americans and Hannibal for Best Dramaa So basically, as usual they snubbed almost all the network TV shows, except for individual acting nominations (Scandal, Good Wife, Nashville and the comedies)


That was Walton Goggins? Didn't even recognize him! Or her... or him...


3 noms for Modern Family's decent season while Hannibal,Happy Endings and Person of Interest are left out in the rain? Oh and Newhart's nom is a joke, that episode got 10 good parts while season 1 episodes averaged 17!


Michelle Fairley. Red Wedding. Enough said!


Andrew Lincoln definitely. Also snubbed was The Walking Dead for best drama. How in the hell can you snub the drama with the highest ratings on TV, network or cable? Seriously, does the fact that its literally the most popular show on television have no pull? It's an absolutely amazing show, with great character development. Only the People's Choice awards really matter anyways.


Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods


Guillermo Diaz or Jeff Perry for Scandal!

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