True Blood Round Table: "At Last"

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What an intense episode of True Blood.

With Eric turning Willa, Jessica going on a murder spree and Sookie holding Warlow hostage via a fatal ball of light, our Round Table team has plenty to discuss as a result of "At Last."

So gather around now and join Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and Liz Henderson (from as they tackle their favorite and most shocking scenes below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Jessica FTW. I was shocked that she went all homicidal on Andy's poor daughters. It was a surprising scene, it was a well-acted scene and it was an emotional scene, which isn't often the case on True Blood.

Leigh: Without a doubt, the ending on the couch. "Get the f*ck off of me or die Warlow," with that light ball right above them. Sookie was planning and plotting and I did not see that coming. Amazing.

Chris: Hard for me to choose just one scene, but my favorite moments of the episode were those featuring Jason. His heart is always in the right place, but oh how I love to see him trying to work something out in that head of his. He really shined the entire episode, what with his curious case of the munchies from the V Benlow gave him... the pull ups in the doorway... and his Dirty Harry impression, complete with an amazing array of confused looks on his face.

Liz: Any that Sookie was in. I loved how you saw her determination and resolve clearly on her face as she checked herself out in her mirror. She was a girl with a plan and knew exactly how she was going to execute it. And who didn't love that final scene with her and Warlow? "Get the f*** off me or die, Warlow." Chilling!

True Blood Round Table

More surprising: Jessica killing the faeries, Eric turning Willa or Ben turning out to be Warlow?
Matt: I actually doubted that Ben was Warlow. I saw no reason why he would put on some act or phony identity instead of just murdering all his enemies in sight. Guess this answer portends my response to the following question...

Leigh: I really didn't see Jess killing the faeries but I really should have considering how young she is and how good them must've smelled to her. I guess I figured Bill would be handling everything.

Chris: I was surprised at how fast Eric and Willa’s relationship progressed. Eric is over a thousand years old and, like he said, has only made one other vampire in his life, so it just struck me as a tad impulsive to turn Willa so quickly. Premature or not, I did like Eric’s rationale for his decision. His plan to remind the Governor how vampires were all human once too was working until Willa snapped and tried to drain Daddy.

Liz: I guess it would have to be that I didn't see Jessica killing the fairies coming. Eric turning Willa was no surprise at all, and I had already figured out that Ben was very likely Warlow.

Best guess: is Warlow good or bad?
Matt: ... he must be good in some shape or form. Why else go through all these steps? Why take on the persona of Ben? Warlow is likely a misunderstood individual, which does make sense considering we don't truly know much about him aside from second or third or fourth hand accounts.

Leigh: Warlow, or Benlow, is good and bad. He's light and dark. I don't think he's trying to kill Sookie, I think she was promised to him and that's why he's been shown saying "you are mine." He battles with his dark side, though, and that's when he ends up slaughtering his own kind. Faeries are catnip to vampires, Jason Stackhouse Wisdom 101.

Chris: I agree with Leigh here. Warlow/Benlow is a very conflicted character and not just the evil vampire we were told about. I’m sure his early fae kills were in part because of his baby vampire thirst. Jessica showed how even a vampire as “old” as her was unable to resist the sweet honey that is Fae blood.

Liz: I really don't have enough to go on for even a best guess. He killed Sookie's parents... but saved Jason and didn't kill Niall. He's contracted to Sookie... but will he force her to be bound to it? Too soon to say.

Do you like this new side to Alcide?
Matt: The pretty-much-never-wears-a-shirt-side? I wouldn't say I like it or I dislike it. I'm more jealous of it. My goodness.

Leigh: Alcide has literally become the worst part of the show and I used to want to climb Manganiello (can't spell it) like a tree. I didn't make this GIF, but it's so funny.

Bridesmaid GIF
Alcide with Sookie

Chris: Killing Nicole’s friends was the last straw. Not sure how Alcide comes back from this. I don’t think we can still blame the V he took previously. Rikki is also getting on my last nerve, which really hurts to say.

Liz: Not at all. But I didn't like him in the books either. Book Alcide and TV Alcide are the same - jerks.

What main character has the best chance of being killed off this season and why?
Matt: Jessica... FTL this time, I suppose. I love the character and I adore Deborah Ann Woll in the role. But Jessica does lift rather easily out of the show and I could see her being killed off after making some kind of sacrifice due to the guilt she feels for killing those faeiries. It would also open up another door for Bill to go all dark and crazy. I dig it when he does that.

Leigh: This is a hard question. I think people are out for Sam, but it's probably going to be one of the vamps. Bill was hinted at in ads, but would they really kill off Bill? I just don't know.

Chris: I think the conversation Pam and Tara had just prior to Pam’s capture was foreshadowing one of their deaths. Tara will no doubt try to save her Maker and in the process either sacrifice her life for Pam, or the two will die together.

Liz: Besides the three main characters, none of them are safe. But for the purpose of this Q&A I'll go with Jessica. It feels like they've been setting her up for the final death since the first episode and, honestly, I don't see what else they could do with her. I hope I'm wrong though because I would miss her.

Oh, it could also be Lafayette. It could also be Tara.


I don't think the fairy-quads are dead. Fairies shrivel(& turn to dust?) when drained, granted they are only half fae (but more fae than Sookie)so I don't believe they are dead, close though... Also, I think the reason Eric turned Willa is because he's trying to protect vampires (& humans alike). He needs to know the location of the camp and hey, sending in the governor's daughter as a baby vamp who cannot control herself is one way to find that location, since he is her maker and will be able to track her. Or it could go another way, the governor murders his daughter because she is a vamp and that sends a clear message that there is no redemption for the governor. & war begins either way. In no way do I think Eric thought she was special, in fact, she sounded like a vampire groupie to me ('why don't you want me to taste your blood?') and if there is one thing Eric has made clear, he doesn't find them cute or amusing. Willa isn't special, Willa is bait and Eric is willing to sacrifice his beliefs for the greater good.


Alcide's storyline has got to go!! Definitely boring and annoying. I could see Jessica being killed. Where is my boy Steve Newlin?? Love his character :)


Bill is those faerie girls (great x 5?) grandfather, so playing on the sexual part was gross. You'd think Bill would be a little more upset about Jessica killing (or almost) them.


The thing I love bout this show is that they dnt centre the show about the love triangle, from season 5-6 sookie only had like 4 scenes with Eric and bill. But in the vampire diaries stelena and delena are together every episode. #sookierules #elena sucks (sometimes)

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