The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Who is Jesse?

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Sorry, Tyler Lockwood. You may want to stop reading right about now.

Even with this werewolf back in Mystic Falls for The Vampire Diaries Season 5, a new report says that Caroline may be tempted by an upperclassman she meets at Whitmore College this fall.

His name is Jesse, he's one of three recurring characters we'll meet on the premiere, he's sweet, he's charming, he's confident... oh, and he's a human who has understandable reasons for disliking members of the undead. So that could cause some problems down the line.

Peeved Caroline

According to TV Line, here is some intel on the other two newbies who will show up on October 10:

  • Megan will attend the Mystic Falls High School 1950s dance and get close to Jeremy.
  • Nadia will be of Eastern European descent and crosses path with Matt and Rebekah in Prague. She will also delivering a warning to Stefan about The Originals.

Casting is ongoing for these roles, so send in your suggestions now!

UPDATE: Kendrick Sampson has been cast as Jesse.

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Megan-Skyler Samuels
Nadia-Jessica Lowndes or Jessica Stroup or Dianna Agron
and Jesse-Chace Crawford



Spindae 2o

I like these new characters especially Nadia. She will bring some huge news for the ongoing path of the season.
My casting wishes I still cheer for Mackenzie Rosman to get a role hear she could go megan.
Jessica Shorz from GG as Nadia?
Jesse could be played by Chace Crafword,Nolan Funck,Dave Franco.


Robert - Dream on


Megan: Kristen Stewart
Nadia: Emma Watson


And Megan had better not be yet another love interest for Jeremy. Bonnie and Anna went nowhere and April served NO PURPOSE whatsoever! As it is, Jeremys character has expired, he should never have come back and doesnt serve a valuable purpose anymore other then eye candy and Elena's grounded support.


And we should give a crap about this guy because...?
What's going to make him so different from all the other guest stars that end up dead and with zero development? Oh, and if his family or a close loved one was killed by vampires which is his reason for hating them, not very original.


Lol, yeah I'm sure Caroline's relationship with a guest star is going to be huge. Do the writers think we have forgotten Rose, Aimee Bradley, Anna, Luka etc.? This guy will be dead by mid-season and Caroline will probably be back with Tyler.

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