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The Glades Review: The Blind Side

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It’s become almost a distant memory that Jim was chasing zombies or ghosts after the string of down to earth cases he’s been catching on The Glades.

In fact, "Three's Company" actually featured a bit of a dramatic tone to it as Jim had to face what it will mean when Callie is finally a doctor and that his dad and mom may not work things out. 

The Blindside

Let’s start with the case: it was pretty straight forward. It was Ian. In the vacant house. With the lamp base.

That said, I really liked the twist that the murder took place among a polyamorous couple. It was all about the relationship and didn't take the easy route of making it all about sex (I’m looking at you, Showtime).

I have good friends who are in poly relationships and they are happy, healthy families. And when you get to the bottom of it, really, isn't that what it’s about?

Moving on, we had Callie and Darius again, who gave her full access to his medical records and - being the responsible person she is - showed up at his house unexpectedly and blind-sided him with the advice that he should quit. 

Callie, how did you think he was going to react? He conned you out of a shot two weeks ago, he clearly is not ready to give up the game. Just like anyone in an addictive situation, until the decided they want help, they aren't going to listen.

I just hope Callie can be there when things go south; maybe then Darius will listen. 

Speaking of blind-sided, poor Jim was not ready to hear that his parents were calling it quits. I was only five when my parent split up so I don’t remember any of it. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be in my 30s and have my entire world turned upside down. Okay, losing a parent is similar, but I have to imagine much, much worse. 

Maybe things are not set in stone yet, maybe Longworth Sr. will realize how much he needs her and will bend over backwards to make it happen. Of course, he may just decide to speak Portuguese and sip rum drinks while waiting for the Olympics too. 

Either way, it was another really good episode; in fact the only thing that bothered me about the hour was Jim interrupting the hand-fasting ceremony. I realize he is always interrupting something, but it just seemed rude, like walking into a wedding. 

That social rudeness aside, I’m giving the episode 4.2 calls at 4:30 AM for Callie getting some much needed reward for her getting use to Jim getting calls.   


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Agree with SMS ... way too distracting when they use the same actor on different shows. Another example would be Joanna Cassidy playing Dana Delaney's mother in Body of Proof, as well as David Boreanaz's mother on Bones.


Henry is not Jim's dad, he's Shawn's dad. Honestly, there isn't one other middle aged actor who could have played this role, it is way too distracting. It is not that Corbin B. can't take another role, but he doesn't need to be "concerned dad" while he's playing it for the past seven years and as recently as 6 weeks ago. If these shows want us to invest in the stories then they must give us give us plausibility.


This was a great episode! It had the right mix of everything! The episodes that turn out to be my favorites are when Jim being himself. I can not describe it any other way than the whole scene with the pizza and he doctor and asking for water. I also like his line at the start of the shows before the opening credits was great! I wonder what Callie will do about Darius.
It looks like Jim's parents may work things out, however we have to wait 2 weeks to find out!


This week's episode of "The Glades" (Three's Company) used a not so subtle product placement. It was so obvious that I took a commercial break within the dialogue itself.