Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Title Revealed, Major Cliffhanger Promised

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SPOILER ALERT: Sherlock Holmes is alive.

Granted, star Benedict Cumberbatch was absent from today's Comic-Con panel discussion, but producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss assured attendees that his title character on Sherlock does indeed survive his rooftop jump on the Season 2 finale.

In what possible way?!?

Sherlock Season 3 Team

“There really are only a few ways you can fall off a roof and survive,” said Gatiss, while Moffat teased that “showstopper” of the Season 3 opener takes place when John and Sherlock meet again.

“That moment is electrifying,” Moffat said. “And it goes on and on. That lengthy sequence is my favorite moment of Sherlock that we’ve made.” 

The premiere, meanwhile, will be titled "The Empty Hearse."

Among other important tidbits revealed at the Q&A:

  • Moriarty really is dead.
  • John will marry Mary on Episode 2 of Season 3 - and guest who he'll select as his Best Man!
  • Looking all the way ahead to the Season 3 finale, Season 3 finale Moffat promised another major cliffhanger: “You’ll be watching the end of the last episode thinking, ‘They wouldn’t stop it there?!’ ‘They wouldn’t stop it there?! Oh my God, they wouldn’t stop it there?!’”

Look for Sherlock to return to the air in 2014.

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Sherlock Quotes

John: You did not kill Mary. She made a choice to save your life. You didn't make her do it, nobody could make Mary do anything. You didn't kill her.
Sherlock: In saving my life she conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend.

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