Rookie Blue Round Table: "Different, Not Better"

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Rookie Blue returned after a three-week hiatus with "Different, Not Better" - but was it really better? 

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Rookie Blue fans Stacey, Evelyn, and Jo from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum to decide if Marlo's shooting was justified and whether or not it really is time for Andy to walk away.


What was your favorite scene in "Different, Not Better?"

Stacey: All of the Chloe/Dov scenes were my favorite; I can't pick just one! I really enjoyed the Chloe/Dov dynamic. They had me laughing throughout the whole episode and made me look forward to seeing more of them - on and off the job.

Evelyn: To be honest, I don't have a favorite scene. This episode, for me, was so over shadowed by tension that it tainted everything I watched.

Jo: The final scene in the parking lot with Sam & Andy was my favorite. It was so emotionally raw with Andy telling Sam that her talent is knowing when to walk away. Sam chickened out (again!) with expressing his emotions and telling her he'll see her tomorrow instead.

Christine:  I enjoyed the paintball in the beginning. I love seeing them all as friends outside of work. Gail grabbing the spotted camel was perfect.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Is Chloe crazy, quirky or not what she appears?

Stacey: I think she's a breath of fresh air. She's crazy, quirky and fun. She brings some comic relief to the show, which I think is needed to balance out how intense this season will likely be. In some ways, like her allergy to silence, she reminds me of Andy. Chloe will be the first addition to the original Rookie Blue characters that I enjoy and want to keep around.

Evelyn: I think she is her own person. I'm sure she has issues and in usual Rookie Blue fashion, she is surely not the simple carefree girl that she seems to be at this stage.

Jo: Chloe is definitely quirky and unapologetic about who she is. She seems to be a light, fluffy kindred spirit, who will inject her brand of quirkiness into 15 Division.

Christine: I expected to hate her…and I didn't. Yes, she talked too much but she has a unique view of the world. I'm glad they paired her with Dov. The two make an interesting pair. I can't imagine how things would have gone if she'd been paired with Sam.

Do you think Marlo should have shot Wanda?

Stacey: Absolutely not. Marlo walked into a scene that Andy was handling not knowing anything about that was happening. What if she had pulled her taser first instead of the gun; the woman would've gone up in flames. She should've walked in with her gun drawn, but assessed the situation first before doing anything.

Evelyn: So I rewatched this and honestly I don't think she thought or took stock in the situation when she acted. I think she acted impulsively. I don't think she has respect for Andy's skills (although she says she does) and in that situation, it is feeling that she acted impulsively.

Jo: I think Marlo shouldn’t have needed to shoot Wanda. But with her SWAT background and the split second reaction time, she had to act since Wanda had a knife and there was an innocent life on the line.

Christine: I don't blame her for the shooting. Andy radioed that she needed help. Then Marlo walks in as Wanda is swinging a knife at a small child. With a split second to react, I don't think she had a choice.

Who had the best investigative plan: Andy and Marlo, Dov and Chloe or Ollie and Chris?

Stacey: I'd have to go with Dov and Chloe because they stuck to the list they were given and worked well together, and Chloe didn't back down when she wanted to interview a suspect (that turned out to be the right guy). I didn't see enough of Oliver and Chris to choose them, and Andy and Marlo went against instructions to investigate someone not even on their list.

Evelyn: Well, Andy had the best plan because her plan, which was within the confines of their orders, would have lead them to the perpetrator. Sadly Marlo bulldozed her and that's when things feel apart.

Jo: Dov and Chloe. As a team, they stuck to their area & suspects list. With Chloe's keen observations to connect the dots, they were able to (unconventionally) eliminate suspects to get their collar, Nikki Radar.

Christine: I liked Ollie's idea of investigating the tattoo. I thought that was a solid start. But as for a full investigation from beginning to end I've got to give it to Dov and Chloe. Despite being a rookie she made her opinions heard and Dov was open enough to roll with it and not shut her down.

Have you ever done a cleanse?

Stacey: No, and by the looks of Gail and Nick drinking that horrible drink, I never will.

Evelyn: Not a cleanse necessarily but I did go for being a meat/fish eater to being fully vegetarian cold turkey. Then went from vegetarian to vegan cold turkey. Cut soda out. Not a cleanse but I sort of understand the purpose.

Jo: Yes, I have done cleanses in the past. Some of the traditional herbalist’s cleanses I’ve had aren’t the best tasting concoctions on the planet but you definitely feel detoxified, renewed and feel better afterwards.

Christine: I refuse to answer on the grounds that doing so may be too embarrassing to share.

Is it time for Sam and Andy to really move on?

Stacey: As much as I don't want them to, and it pains me to say this, Sam has already moved on and is seemingly happy with Marlo. Andy gave him time when she returned for him to break up with Marlo, but he didn't. So, Andy should accept that Sam's moved on, and move on herself.

Evelyn: I think it's time for Sam and Andy to get real and deal with their stuff as individuals. I feel that would be progress. What we have now and what I fear is coming isn't moving on.

Jo: Sam and Andy will always have feelings for each other and never will truly be able to move on. On the other hand, I think now is a good time for them to try, since time with others will give them opportunities to reflect and grow. Being able to work through the hurt and differences enables them to move on from the past and towards the future and back to each other eventually.

Christine: I want them together but not if they only jump on the same merry-go-round they've ridden before. They need to work through their individual issues before they can make it work... and I really don't know how long that's going to take.

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