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Justin Harley has been cast on Revenge in a crucial role, and multi-episode arc, this fall.

We'll meet him in the Revenge Season 3 premiere as Patrick, Victoria's long lost son.

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The Revenge Season 2 finale ended with a bang as Patrick appeared at the Graysons' door. We never saw his face, but the mere sight of him shocked Victoria to the point where her glass shattered on the floor.

Revenge fans don't know much about Patrick, but we do know Vicki gave birth to him at 16 and then gave him away to a nun when he was only six months old so that she could attend art school in Paris.

When Patrick started looking for Victoria, she handled it like you'd expect, paying him $5 million to disappear. Guess that didn't take, because after teasing us at length, the show dropped the bombshell in May.

ABC previously confirmed that Ashley Madekwe (Ashley) and Connor Paolo (Declan) would not return as series regulars for Season 3, while creator Mike Kelley is also out, so it'll be a different Revenge this fall.

Hopefully in a good way, as the sophomore season was a bit inconsistent at best.

Hartley was a fan favorite on Smallville, playing Oliver Queen (now played by Stephen Amell on Arrow) in later seasons as a series regular. He also appeared on Emily Owens M.D. and failed CW pilot Aquaman.

Excited to meet him as Patrick in the Hamptons? Discuss in the comments!

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