Gabriel Macht Teases Suits Season 3: Has Harvey Matured?

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With the Suits Season 3 premiere behind us, viewers now know that Harvey is still on the future partner war path, having made a deal with the devil to take Jessica down.

On our set visit to Toronto last month, Gabriel Macht had much to say about where things are going for his main character, both in terms of Harvey's growth... and lack thereof.

Gabriel Macht on Set

“I think he's matured and I think he's immatured in some ways,” Macht told reporters around the table, quickly explaining in the context of Harvey’s actions on the season premiere:

“Harvey wants to take over the firm. And the way he does it is really immature. He thinks it's best for the firm, but I think the way he does it and he goes behind Jessica's back, it's like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ It just seems like a flaw… an error of judgment along the way."

So, what’s it like to play a complex character who project so much swagger and confidence even when he’s not necessarily in the right?

“They say he's never lost, but in the moment to moment I see him losing all the time," said Macht. "And I think that's what makes him a great character. He may not acknowledge those moments to anybody. But you can see it on his face at the end of every scene that I've gotta stand there and wait for [them to call] cut.”

Some of those moment to moment losses could very well be tied to a theme first identified by Macht’s cast mates Meghan Markle and Rick Hoffman: Loyalty.

We already know he’s rebuffed his loyalty to Jessica in making this deal with Darby, but will the once dynamic and inseparable duo remain at odds all season? It may be a function of the flashback episode titled “The Other Time.” Said Macht:

“Questions of loyalty are [Harvey’s] major thing that he's dealing with when it comes to it comes to Mike, also when it's coming to Jessica, and I think it all stems from something that we'll learn in the flashback, which is he has a scene with his father, and we learn a little bit more about his mother. 

"This relationship with his mother and the loyalty of dealing with that - of her cheating on his father and all of this stuff - I think encroaches on his development. I wish I could say he's really matured way more in this season.  But I don't know if he has... I think that's really good as far as the writing goes because he's gone down this little rabbit hole and it keeps on going lower and lower, so he's gotta redeem himself somehow.”

So is there any hope for Harvey this season?

“I think at a certain point... he realizes the errors that he's making, and he tries to fix them. It might be too late, but it might work out.”

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