Burn Notice Review: Going All In

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I’m not sure even Alice fell as far down the rabbit hole as Michael seems to be going in Strong’s one man mission to bring down the group for which Burke and Sonya work.

But you have to hand it to Michael, it is certainly "All or Nothing" when it comes to this job.

Back Together Again

Let me say right off the bat that Michael and Fiona trying to pose as elite hackers was the worst cover they've ever attempted. To start with, the buzz-word-bingo that Fiona attempted sounded completely stupid to me and I’m not a hacker. Had I been Jack Frakes, I probably would have put a bullet in her right there. 

Besides that, at 45 and 43 years old respectively, Donovan and Anwar shouldn't be trying to pretend to be a hip-in-the-know 20-something (or 30-something) hackers. It would have worked a lot better if they had portrayed their cover as a sophisticated 40-something team. You know, expensive 18-year old single malt Scotch, fine furniture, expensive clothes. That I would have believed.  

Okay, horrible covers aside, the rest of the episode was great. Donovan deserves some sort of award for his emotional breakdown about how he has nothing left. In fact, I've watched the scene twice and I’m not sure that Michael was actually acting. 

That led to the biggest surprise of the evening, him and Sonya ending up in bed together. Granted, it wasn't really that big of surprise when he came in all wet and she was sitting on the bed working on the laptop in an over-sized shirt and shorts. That’s pretty much "writing a romantic encounter 101."

This does lead to the question of how this is going to affect him and Fiona. Is there any way they can come back from her being with Carlos and him bedding down with Sonya? Let’s not forget that Sonya is a bit of a viper and you don’t want to turn your back on her.  

As adorable as she is, I don’t trust her – and Michael shouldn't either!

Overall, it was a fine offering. While the crappy covers bugged me, the overall episode of Michael and Fiona working together was wonderful and the twist of Fiona leaving and Michael ending up with Sonya has me giving this episode 4.2 Mojitos for Sam Axe! 

What do you think? Can Michael and Fiona still mend fences or has that boat sailed? 


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Each week that I watch Burn Notice's final season, I say to myself that I'm going to be awfully sad when it's over. There are not many shows that can hold my loyalty as a viewer right to the very end. There will certainly be an empty feeling when I won't have Burn Notice to look forward to.


I'm sorry I didn't mention Sam and Jesse, they were great helping out Barry and it was pretty obvious that his ex-girlfriend had moved on, but they still helped him anyway. @Sonde I agree, that Fiona and Michael are deeply connected, sadly I don't know it that means they will find their way back to each other -- I hope so!


@Sonde - well said and I couldn't agree more about the roof scene between Michael and Fi - hands down - they are my best romance tv couple - hot! hot! hot. -
Agree with most other comments that this cover was one of the worse ever and unbelievable on the other hand - enjoyed Sam & Jesse and the computer guy even though I knew the outcome would be that his girl had moved on - nevertheless, it was fun to watch.
Glad Burn Notice is ending on top, although I'll miss the Gang....


Whatever happened between the sheets could not hold a candle to the brief moment when Michael pulls Fiona up and onto the roof and then she helps him up. The heat between them when they realize they could have lost each other forever was what this tv couple is all about. I think that it is her that they are actually working for, she has a bigger role in this whole mess then we are being led to believe. I am going to miss the whole gang and loved to see Sam and Jesse (who by the way doesn't get enough credit for what he does!) again and there was no Madeline this week? Its all coming to an end


Agree, covers were the worst ever. And no way Michael could maintain it for all the time that elapsed while Jesse and Sam ran their scam and the action played out. The sex was inevitable, especially after Sonya opened the door by talking about her lack of personal involvement. Fiona's abrupt departure and her insistence that it was already over left Michael with no hope.Still, I think it wasn't just sex or desperation but part of M's plan to get into the organization and get the whole thing over with.
That said, the writers are trying really hard to make Fi unlikeable. Having her begin the text to Michael looked like a weak attempt to get her to look like she was finally softening, at least to the point of understanding Michael's actions if not forgiving him. Anyway the whole thing is too strident and overwrought for me. Sam and Jesse are the only ones coming off well in this season.


It's all one big mission with everyone dancing to the CIA puppet master and playing their role


Terrible covers. Sex wasn't right for the situation or chemistry. Sonya holding/hugging Michael would have fit. I agree that the last scene was telegraphed though.


I though for sure Fiona would fall to her death this woman has hated Michael from season 1 and has been a fork in his side for too long make you wonder if she was working for the people who brun him

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