The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: I Choose Me

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With graduation from Grant High School came a lot of decisions. And I can only imagine that longtime fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are going to have really strong opinions on "Thank You and Goodbye."

For weeks, months, seasons and years it was always about who Amy would choose.

It's Graduation Day

In the end, I guess she chose herself. She didn't stay with Ricky, but she didn't definitely end up with Ben either. She choose to see where the next chapter of her life would take her... without her son. I can also imagine there will be a lot of strong reactions to that part of her decision.

Elsewhere, Grace and Jack finally broke up. Henry and Alice got back together. Omar came back for Adrian. Honestly, there's not much to say about a finale that was 80% filled with flashbacks. The one major scene was the break-up between Amy and Ricky. It showcased how well Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff have it in the future with their careers. They have both grown so much since the premiere in 2008 and have become great actors. Fox should not have passed on Delirium with Kagasoff at the helm. 

That scene was heartbreaking for so many reasons, including the fact that it was finally the honest truth from both of them. They weren't in love and while they loved each other, it wasn't ultimately enough. I only hope that John grows up to have a good life.

After everything we’ve been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married. | permalink

I guess Amy did have a point with what she said and hopefully all three of them will end up happy. That scene was probably the only positive thing I have to say about this finale.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the first show I have ever reviewed for TV Fanatic and seeing it through to the end was important to me, despite the many unrealistic, cheesy and sometimes downright awful storylines. A finale that basically phoned it in was a disservice to all of the people who did stick with the show through the years.

So that's it on my end. What about all of you viewers? Were you happy with the finale? Were you satisfied with the way it ended? I'm interested in hearing all of your thoughts so hit the comments! 


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    They should make season 6! , the season finale was horrible!! Amy and Ricky should be together I'm so upset that she called off the wedding


    This whole will they or won't they get married story line is a knock off from 7th heaven's Simon and Rose, and they didn't end up getting married either, the break up happened in the last episode too. Nice going with creativity Brenda lol.


    As badly written as this episode was, I kind of liked the ending. It was definitely lazy writing but I thought it ended realistically. I was happy Grace and Jack finally broke up, and now Grace can just focus on herself. I also think it was good Ricky and Amy broke, I agree with the person who wrote the review, they weren't in love, they just got together because of John and it's best if they part ways as friends. Also I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap about Amy abandoning John, lot's of parents all over the world raise kids separately and don't live in the same city. I went through the same thing with my mom and I never felt abandoned, we maintain a good relationship. It would've been more selfish if she took John with her to New York because that's away from the environment he's familiar. It's also it's not like she is going to stop seeing John, she will regularly visit when she has holidays- again my mother was the same because of her job- and then she came back. This what parents do when they aren't in a relationship. I was quite happy with most of the characters ending up single or moving on to the new chapter of their lives. It was finally something real after all the bouncing around they did in relationships. T


    I strongly think they should make a season 6. they left a lot out. it cant just end like that. we should be able to know what is going to happen. it just cant end like this it needs to end differently. that was one horrible ending. if you remember ricky says" and she lives happily ever after," soo it cant just end like that it needs to keep going for a season or two. there are lots of people who would like to know more about what happens after amy left for college. does she see john again do her and ricky work everything out. does she live in newyork all by herself after she is done with college?? there are soo many things everyone would like to know. its needs to keep going on.


    (You should probably read my other comment too) For the people who think Amy is a selfish brat and left without saying goodbye, she did say goodbye. Watch the finale again and when she's at the butcher shop with her parents she says: "maybe i should go say goodbye again. But John might get upset and cry." They just never showed her saying goodbye to him. A lot of stuff could've happened during Collage but because the show ended we won't know. But I honestly think she tried to get together with Ricky again. She just said she wasn't ready, and did want to have a wedding. Honestly, I think they SHOULD redo the finale or do a special episode showing everyones life after Amy went to college. And maybe the time in between like weekends and summer.


    I decided to watch Secret Life after finding out that Shailene Woodley, Divergent star, was in it. I thought "if she's in it it's probably good." So I watched it. I watched a couple of eps of s 1 and different eps then watched the finale. I WAS SO ANNOYED O.M.G. But I decided to watch all the eps after Ricky started dating Amy. Once I got up to season 5 I started to understand the whole breaking up. And near the last episodes and the LAST episode I realized something, Amy didn't abandon Ricky & John 4EVER. She went to summer school to try out the School. What I think the writers did was, they made a viewers ending. The writers wanted people to make THEIR OWN ending. Everyone went to the conclusion, AMY LEFT RICKY RUINING EVERYTHING. This is pretty true, but thinking about it, Amy might have went to summer school, coming back now and then and might have started to see Ricky again. She might have finished College and come back to start a life. A family. She probably came back ready to be a family, with Ricky AND John.


    WTF was wrong with the writers when they were writing this? Were they on crack?! This is the worst ever possible ending... who in their right mind would leave their son? And most importantly... RICKY UNDERWOOD??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tha last episode showed laziness and just very crappy writters. Ricky and Amy after like 5 years deserved to be together, but even if they don"t why is everyone alone. I stopped watching this show this season. Because i forgot to watch it, but then remembered it ended so i came back to watch the series finale and im left with this. There are soo many questions i have.

    @ jazzyfizzle

    Why do Amy and Ricky deserve to be together? Because they have a son. John was an accident, Ricky never loved Amy, both are selfish people, and both did nothing but bring chaos, and misery to people who loved them. So does that give them the right to live happily ever after? Ricky deserved to end up alone with how he treated Amy from the beginning of the show, and from how he treated every other girl like Adrian, Grace, Ashley, Karlee, and every other woman he slept with.

    Amy will get hers one day too, she was a selfish little girl through out the show. She was arrogant, irresponsible, and way to conceited to get a happy ending with how she treated Ashley, Ben, Adrian, Ricky, her friends, her parents, and even John. One day she will learn getting what she wants is not getting what she needs, and hopefully it will lead to Amy getting what she deserves.

    @ Wimafaye

    Well I'm happy they broke up too. I'm also glad that everyone on the show is moving on with their lives, I was quite happy that most of them were single at the end. But unlike I wish everyone on the show a happy ending and I personally think they will get that because they all finally realised the truth after years of bullshit drama. Also you should't bash other people's opinions for liking a couple. I've read some of your other posts on here and you're rude whenever anyone says they wish Ricky and Amy or even Ben and Amy end up together, it's their opinion you don't have a right to bash them. I don't have any ill feelings towards Ben or Adrian, Ashley but if I did I wouldn't go bash another person who writes about they wish Ben and Adrian ended up together and like them as a couple. People ship whatever couple they like, I don't ship Ricky and Amy but I don't bash people who like them as a couple.


    i cried when Adrian lost the baby the song they played was sooooooooo sad :(


    Yea I know right but your wrong on one thing Ricky and Amy are not ment for each other in my opinion. Ricky doesn't really live her and Ben is the one who really lives her so ya.

    @ Erindrago

    But can Ben be happy with Amy? Ben may love her, but he knows he can't trust her, and he wasn't happy with her. Loving someone is easy for Ben to do, but he and Amy can never be happy together. He will always wonder if she loves him, or settling for him. He will always be stuck with Ricky in his life because of John. He knows that Amy will never be really care about what he needs, or wants in their relationship. So even if they did get together because they would never last. Ben needs to grow up, and spend time away from everyone in his past. That is why I'm glad he is going to Italy, hopefully he will mature around people who aren't as dumb, selfish, immature, or materialistic as those he was around. I really hope his other relatives can give him wise advice and not ignorant advice like his dad. That way he can find love, real love that will heal the wounds, his friends, his dad, Amy, Adrian, Rick, and the loss of his mother and daughter put in him.

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