Teen Wolf Review: Turning a Blind Eye

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We need to get something straight here. Nobody likes to see a dog killed on television and nobody likes to see a boy who loves his dog killed on television. Especially a virgin! That's exactly what we witnessed on "Unleashed" and it did not make me happy. 

We still don't know a damn thing about what's going on with the killings in town other than they are druid-related and Mr. Harris was helping the murderers, but we learned a bit about Deucalion. He's a turd.

Trouble for Scott and Isaac

I'm sorry, I wish I was more invested in the Alpha storyline, but I'm not. At all. They are boring as all get out. I actually laughed out loud when Duke (hey, that's what bad-pedi-alpha called him) blew his top screaming that he was the apex of alphas, the "demon wolf." He shouted this shortly after proclaiming he was the strongest ever because he killed his previous pack of betas and absorbed all their powers. Except their sight? WTF? I guess that's why he can only hang with alphas now. Everyone else becomes dinner.

Seriously, how are we supposed to be afraid of a dude who relies on a stick or a chicks arm to get around? His "demon wolf" senses are so poor he can't even walk out of a room on his own and we are supposed to think he's going to come into town and defeat our intrepid team of new werewolves? I don't think so. I'd bet on Scott, Derek, Isaac and all their buddies against that gang of goons any day.

Feel free to tell me if you feel differently, but if the topsy twins were so easily tricked by their stupid motorcycles, what else will bring them down? I'm far more interested in the murders and the lack of friendship between our core characters than anything happening with the alphas, including the return of Cora.

She's brought nothing of merit to the canvas so far, except to keep Derek from more important matters. Kicking Isaac out of his place was great for Isaac, but I'm guessing this is the part where Derek starts making stupid decisions to protect his last remaining sibling over his pack... and actually considers Duke's offer. Oh brother.

On the other hand, we have Stiles, who has absolutely no powers and is working double time trying to find a pattern in what is happening in Beacon Hills. He and Mr. Deaton are beating the pants off of everyone else who's trying to solve the case. They figured out the pattern. At least the virgin sacrifices are over, but it didn't stop one great exchange from happening.

Can I say it's about damn time we had some more Danny on screen? Even if part of the reason is those deplorable twins, he's grossly underused. How about this fantastic interchange as Stiles worried he would be the next person killed since he was still a virgin:

Stiles: Missing and presumed dead, Scott, because he was probably a virgin. You know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? You know what that means? It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life, okay. I need to have sex. Like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me like today. Like someone needs to sex me right now!
Danny: Alright I'll do it.
Stiles: Woah! What?
Danny: Come over to my place at 9. Plan on staying the night. I like to cuddle.
Stiles: That is so sweet. Are you kidding?
Danny: Yes. I'm kidding.
Stiles: You don't toy with a guys emotions like that, Danny. It's not attractive, alright? | permalink

Other than that, things aren't really coming together for me on Teen Wolf Season 3. I think the alpha pack story is a total bust. Everyone is so far apart emotionally it's difficult to get into what's happening. Only Scott and Stiles are still friends, and while I love the inclusion of Isaac very much, Lydia and Allison off doing their own thing effects the flow of a lot more than it did when Allison's family was integral to the plot. 

Now that Derek is going to remove himself, and Isaac already trusts Scott very much, it might be the start of Scott showing his own alpha nature and becoming the leader Motorcycle Girl and Deucalion know him to be. Derek could be biting himself in the ass with the separation, but enough of his in and out emotional crap. He's not very pack-like, even though he tends to act like being in a pack is important to their species. 

I have a feeling y'all are going to disagree with my take on the episode, so have your say in the comments. Batter up!


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Oh my gosh I totally agree! I dislike this season very much. I find myself bored and disappointed in a lot of these episodes this season. I don't like the whole Alpha storyline and you can tell this was all come up with at the last minute because the actor who plays Jackson decided to leave the show. Decaulin is not even that menacing to me what's so ever compare to Peters alpha form and Gerard. I don't like the twin. They are pretty lame. Seriously, my only favorite character on this season is Allyson and Stiles.


The blind Guy is Scott's dad


to characters on this show). I'm just hoping my face doesn't get stuck form all the wincing im doing while watching this season.


I'm sorry but this season's writing is awful. Unleashed is an apt word for how I'm feeling. I realize that this is a show about werewolves so realism is kind of a stretch here anyway but wtf. One example: Derek and Ms. Blake scene at the high school was awkward and I don't mean in a charming kind of way. Her character's reaction to Derek was nonsensical at best. Her response to Derek's appearance was at first scared than suddenly she morphs into a rambling, flirty teenager girl. I really like the character of Derek whose seems changed a lot this season already but at least I can put it down to the events of last season and the several months that have passed since the whole kanima/Gerard problems in which he may have spent rethinking his whole life choices. Oh and Cora Hale's reaction to finding out her brother is alive .... what a bitch. Then there's Derek's aggression towards Isaac(I'm presuming some idiotic way of protecting him without ever explaining anything as usual in regards to characters inabilities to respond in normal ways on this show) was typical of lazy, immature writing. I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope my face doesn't get stuck from all the wincing I'm doing while I watch Teen Wolf this season.


ive been re watching smallvill and just finished season 6 episode 9 subterranean, and the actor who plays scott was in it


I loved Deucalion's thunder and lightning scene- we don't get enough of those mad scientist moments on TV anymore and it's fun to watch one that's not from an old b&w movie! Not a fan of the twins though- grandpa Argent had more menace in his smile than the two of them as the merged wolf.
Am really enjoying Isaac and he has slowly become one of my favourite characters...love how he looks to Scott for leadership.


LOL @investedinyourfuture profile pic! This episode was more like a comedy than the teen drama the show used to be. It wasn't bad comedy though. I quite enjoyed some of the scenes, but sometimes I ask myself where Davis wants to go with the demonwolf and his pack.


Your review is right on the money Carissa, sorry Teen Wolf fans. This season is completely disjointed and poorly conceived. The "alpha" pack is a total joke, those twins are laugh out loud campy, merging into megawolf LMAO Does anyone remember how scary uncle Peter's alpha wolf was in Season 1? Even the Kanima was scarier than alphas with a bad pedicure. Jeff Davis needs to go back and rewatch all the things he did right in the first season. The Stiles/Danny scene was definitely the best part of the episode. It's a perfect example of what made the balance of comedic moments and "horror" work without going campy on us. Keeping my fingers crossed the writing team gets back on track, the actors are still fun to watch though.


Wasn't a bad episode, this season hasn't been quite as good as the other two due to the dragged out 24 now.. hope it proves us wrong in eps to come :)


I like th alpha storyline so far and because Duke can't see it actually makes him scarier for some reason atleast to me I don't know why he just seems more scary and dangerous because of it. I don't know how I feel about a Issac Alyson romance because I think she should be with Scott and this episode made it seem like Alyson and Issac might be going somewhere. I can't wait till the next episode.

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