Grey's Anatomy Season 10: Who Got Promoted?

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A quartet of doctors are officially checking in to Grey's Anatomy.

ABC announced today that Camilla Luddington (pictured), Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer have been upgraded to series regular status for Season 10 of the hit drama.

They all came on board last year in the roles of interns Jo, Shane, Stephanie and Lea, respectively.

Camilla Luddington as Jo

Tina Majorino was NOT included among the promotions, but the actress isn't exactly starved for work. She has committed to TNT's Legends and will appear in the Veronica Mars movie.

Season 10 resumes in September, with - SPOILER ALERT!!! - the fate of Chief Webber in the balance following a shocking Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale.

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Stephanie and Leah give nothing to this show, I have no idea why are they regulars. Plus, I feel this will pull attention from originals even more, which I hate. I don't care about the interns...


Leah - MEH-eah. i didn't like her at all. so self-righteous and just something about her that's trying too hard. and not to mention, such an inconsistent character too. she was so cut-throat at the start and now, she's.. i don't know. some randomly scripted person. Stephanie. please just go. she plays the typical lovelorn young woman in her relationship with Jackson and yet i feel no sympathy for her. how weird is it to have a character like this as a series regular? the rest are fine. since they've made Jo Alex's love interest, i guess she won't be going any time soon so boo to that. Jo's backstory is TV material but there's just something so annoying about her. i'll just have to live with it. perhaps i'll get around to her like i did Meredith. Shane makes a great supporting actor so he can stay. Mousie is my absolute favourite. but i guess talent is wanted everywhere so.. well. yay Mousie!


And really?! Stephanie's a regular?? 'Cause all I can say about her and Jackson is "Yuuuuck"


Too bad Brookes didn't get promoted to series regular. She was the only intern I liked... Mousie :(


I will be quietly furious if season 10 does not include the vast talents of Tina Majorino (Dr. Heather Brooks). In my not-so-humble opinion she is the only new addition to Grey's Anatomy who has the acting capability beyond that of a child star on a cereal box. Majorino is the next big thing in high level stardom. I am disappointed beyond all reason that she may not be returning. I hope the contract is simply a little late in coming.


Although I am disappointed that 'Brooks' won't be a regular character. I am so excited for Tina Majorino. I just realized that this woman is the girl who played Jess in "When A Man Loves A Woman." With acting skills like those, she deserves to shine. As an intern on greatly populated Grey's she would just serve as a filler.


I like Mousie, she was funny.
I hope to see her from time to time.
Although no is more funnier than Meredith and Cristina talking in their own coded language.


So happy for all of them especially Stephanie. I just hope this doesn't mean 'Webber' is going to die.


I love Shane and Jo but Leah and Stephanie need to go.


I liked Heather. So sad not given the series regular position :( hopefully we see her sometimes though from guest starring time !

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