Burn Notice Review: Trust and Loyalty

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As Michael is pushed closer and closer to the edge by Burke, I wasn't sure what the breaking point was going to be - but we found that all the rules changed by the end of "Brothers in Arms."

I freely admit that I am/was a card carrying member of the Randall Burke Fan Club. Regardless of his methods, he showed Michael more loyalty in his final moments that the CIA has in the last seven years. 

How could you not like him? His team is his family, just like Michael, and he was willing to do anything (including blowing himself up) to keep his word and not leave Michael and Sonja behind in the hands of the Russians.

Escape From Cuba

Though he wasn't around long, Burke will be missed. I really liked how he was a "Yin" to Strong’s "Yang." Where Strong is by the book and technically the “good guy,” Burke was more on instinct and clearly working for some unsavory people. 

Now I’m curious what Michael is going to do if he can’t find the Russian woman he rescued. Will Strong consider their deal done with Burke dead? Is he going to get “another” assignment? One thing is for sure, I was completely wrong when I theorized that Burke would be the main bad guy this season. 

Back in Miami, Fiona and her new kidnapping assistant Madeline were on the case, making it look like a Russian Spy had turned on his country to help Michael (of course). Ivan (JB Blanc) seemed like he was a chunky Russian "Michael" in a lot of ways, and I was thrilled to see that Madeline and Fiona had a bit of a heart and helped in the end instead of leaving him to be killed. 

Now, if Fiona can just get over being angry at Michael and Michael can get his ass out of Cuba, they might have a chance. Overall, I’m giving this episode 4.5 exploding laptops in memory of Burke. 

What did you think of the episode? Were you a fan of Burke? Or are you glad he’s gone? 


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Ok, Burke was not a "good guy" In the end! He is loyal to some cause, not to the team. One episode ago, he ordered Sam to kill micheal if things went bad when he was stealing the truck. Just because he blew himself and a bunch of other peoup does not Ru


Since the gang does not seem to have accepted Michael's line that they need to complete this mission or all go back to jail, it's kind of amazing that Sam, Jesse, and Fi continue to go far out on limbs for him. Either Michael's putting himself on the line to save them, or he's a dick and they're idiots for helping him. Which one is it? And why couldn't Fi's boyfriend help out? He's already been engaged in gunfights; why not a kidnapping? My theory about Sonia is that she's Burke's daughter, although I admit it's hard to square that idea with the fact that Burke claims she's also Mike's future. @DC: We don't know what Sonia thinks about the Americans. She could easily have assumed that Jesse was with the Russians, or that her best bet was to be on her own, regardless of who Jesse represented.


What about Fiona's...she looks awful…her hair and makeup awful. Are the staying together?


I would've like to have learned more about Burke. I do wonder if he & Strong have been working together all this time. Strong's reason for inserting Michael into the mix could've been to provide Burke w/ actual support without arousing suspicion from "The Company".


Alona Tai??? Is that the actor's name?


Burke dying to save Alona Tal was surprising.


Kind of a bittersweet moment with Burke. I believe his sacrifice was only partially for his teammates. The passionate way he stressed the necessity of taking Sonja, makes it seem like she may have meant something to him personally or that whether he lived or died, getting Sonja will still have an impact on some aspect of his personal life or at least on the life of someone close to him.


Mike said it best, Burke was a monster. Pointing a gun at a little kid hardly ranks as admirable even if you self sacrifice for your team


LOVED this episode! I was so impressed with Burke there at the end - what a loyal soldier! Trying to figure out the dynamic of the girl they rescued. Clearly she didn't want to be held by the Americans OR the Russians. What is her connection with Burke? Really sad he won't be around anymore.


did not see Burke dying I though for sure last night he would find out about Michael

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Burke: She's going to be in a holding cell somewhere in that building.
Jesse: Who is she?
Burke: She's a girl in a holding cell somewhere inside the building, that's all you need to know.

Michael: Fi, I need your help.
Fiona: Michael, I have spent the last year trying to put my life back together. What was left of it. Now things are good. I can't drop everything when you call. Not anymore.
Michael: You're right. I'm sorry. I made a promise that things were going to change and then I broke that promise. I'm glad you have that now.
Fiona: What do you need?