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As we head into the final two episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, I definitely had a lot of questions for Julie Plec earlier today that she answered in her trademark fabulously teasing way.

Will Elena having her feelings back mean the return of the Salvatore love triangle? Will Rebekah find happiness ... ever? Are we finally seeing movement in the Caroline/Klaus story? Is Tyler coming back?

And, finally, in an exclusive scoop that The Vampire Diaries show-runner / executive producer told only me: Is that truly Kol we see in the trailer for this week’s episode, “The Walking Dead” ... or Silas-Kol?

Read on to find out!

Katherine Up Close

TV Fanatic: Bonnie has vowed to keep her promise to Silas and has also partnered with Katherine. Is the girl digging her own grave or what?

Julie Plec: [laughs] The beauty of Bonnie is that in spite of being led down some very dark paths over the course of the year her moral compass is stronger than ever and she’s definitely up to something. And if you’re up to something and you’re up to no good, you may as well partner with the one girl in town who’s better at being up to no good than you are.

TVF: Speaking of Katherine, does she really just want her freedom or is there something else that we just don’t know yet?

JP: The thing that’s interesting about Katherine this year is she’s always been, as we’ve developed the character, a survivor, a fighter, very selfish, looking out for number one, and I think that’s taken its toll on her and made her a little bat-shit crazy in certain ways, excuse the language.

Like everyone on the show, she’s someone, when all is said in done, just needs her own peace. Her lack of ability to have achieved it for herself is making her very bold and aggressive and that does not stop before the season is out.

TVF: Whether the Veil is going to drop or not, is that what Silas really wants or is there more that has yet to be revealed?

JP: There is definitely more to the Silas story than has been told. His motives…he’s pretty honest. It’s just some details that he’s left out.

TVF: In the trailer for this coming week, we see Kol, which makes me think that this is Silas as Kol. Or could it be Kol somehow being resurrected?

JP: We’ll have to wait and see but definitely we…let’s see, how do I answer that…you know what? I’ll say it! F*** it! No, that was Kol. That is Kol. In the dead flesh, that is Kol.

TVF: Nice! I like seeing him back! We know that Elena’s main goal is to kill Katherine. So can we expect a big epic confrontation this week or in the finale?

JP: Yeah, you can expect a collection of moments between Elena and Katherine over the next few weeks that leaves some deep scars?

TVF: Emotional, physical or both?

JP: All of the above.

Katherine Up Close

TVF: The Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle. Is that coming back to life or is there too much going on to worry about where their hearts are?

JP: Definitely the one lingering question as we get into the last two episodes is that Elena, as she makes her way back to her normal self, is going to have to get back in touch with her true feelings so that question is asked and answered before the season is out and it definitely seems very permanent and it’s life altering for all of three of them.

TVF: My dear Rebekah. I want her to have some satisfaction or happiness. Is that even possible with these last episodes?

JP: [laughs] Believe it or not, Rebekah gets a nice moment or two where you feel like the girl might actually have a little fun.

TVF: Would that possibly be with Matt?

JP: It very well could be but I would never tell.

TVF: Are we seeing Tyler again? Or Jeremy, for that matter?

JP: I can’t tell you but I can tell you that Tyler’s fate gets resolved by the end of the season.

TVF: Of course, I have to ask about Klaus/Caroline. Any movement with them either romantic or otherwise?

JP: There is definitely some movement between two of them. Whether or not it’s romantic, I cannot say but we will see Klaus again before the end of the season.

TVF: With The Originals coming next season, safe to say we will see many new characters on TVD next season?

JP: We’re definitely going to see some new faces. Some of our characters are going to go to college and Mystic Falls will have lost some of its vampire population and so there’s going to be new opportunities, new villains and new friends in season five.

TVF: What are the rules for crossing over between TVD and The Originals?

JP: I think, at the moment, there are no rules. I think that we have characters moving from one life to another and they have connections from where they have just moved from so we’re not going to pretend like that connection never existed. If anything, they’re going to be very present emotionally in the new series and it’s just a matter of what opportunities can happen [and] when to pay a little visit from one show to the other.

TVF: There’s good buzz on [your new pilot] Tomorrow People getting picked up but if it does happen – and knowing you are busy and Greg Berlanti has a myriad of projects – how will that logistically work?

JP: We’ve been talking about it. [Greg] is going to be with Phil Klemmer (who wrote the pilot) as the day-to-day brainchild of the Tomorrow People and I’m going to be in there helping as often as I can and as much as I can. It’s such a great show. I was proud of the pilot and I’m really hoping it goes. I think people will really like it.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. The Originals will air this fall on the CW and the fate of Tomorrow People will be known next week at Upfronts in NYC.

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Another thought on The Originals - Like I said, not happy with Klaus ever for killing Jenna. (She was my FAVE character from Season 1&2) BUT they managed to give his character depth I wasn't expecting. I didn't want to like him. Most of the time it's love to hate. And Joseph Morgan has this presence as Klaus that is impossible to deny. He's like Damon with an extra 1000+ years to get worse. (And sometimes more interesting!) They both yearn for love and acceptance and continually screw it up for themselves in new and impressive ways...


IMO the books were horrible. Simply awful. They took the best characters and then dropped a lot of the rest. I mean I've read Twilight too but TVD as books were so much worse. They have their place as teen vamp fiction but this is now a tv show and the books were the basis...they almost never stick to a book when they film them. It's always a "loose" interpretation. Anyway my point really was that I'm nervous about Julie Plec having so many shows now. They can only suffer when they get neglected. Which is terrible because The Originals had me hooked less than halfway through. I REALLY hope they don't drop the ball here. It's been at least 6 episodes since TVD was even close to half the fun that TO was in one episode. (And yeah Klaus killed Jenna, I hate him for it too...if they set the show before all that-I would have been perfectly happy. Who doesn't want to watch Klaus, Elijah, and Kol???)

Little bit

2- She has to pay for what she did to Jeremy And what about what Klaus did to Jenna? When is he going to pay for that? Oh, wait he is not. He is getting a show instead. 3- It's in the freaking books! Yes, Katherine dies in the books. And do you know who else dies in the books? Klaus. Here in the tv show instead they invented contrived reasons so no one can ever kill him. The only difference between Katherine and Klaus is that Katherine is a woman. Tvd isn't even trying to hide its misogyny now.


I am sensing that graduation gift from Klaus to Caroline is going to be Tyler's life and he will come back so I am very dissapointed. I don't like this Camie girl and all this rooting in for Klaus and Caroline relationship is just going to be discarded. I am so invested in them and now a big dissapointment is on its way
damn it!


Look, you won't find a bigger Katherine fan than me, but we have to admit it:
1- She has no storyline anymore.
2- She has to pay for what she did to Jeremy
3- It's in the freaking books!


i feel like vampire diaries is getting to slippery slopes. i dont think many like that katherines life is being threatened. even if it is by one would like to see katherine go. also no one wants to see elena go through the whole triangle again. just pick one and stick to it already. then there will be the supposed appearance of lexi jeremy alaric and i think jenna?, but would they be there to stay? idk. its gonna be weird.


So Kol is actually coming back?? :DD


I love TVD season finales, but if they kill Katherine, I'm done with the show! That would be going to far.


I can't wait to see TVD Season 4 finale!!!!!! :):)

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