Unlucky In Love: Our Advice for Emma Swan

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Our favorite TV characters are amazing in so many ways. Great hair, beautiful clothes, even mystical powers. Unfortunately, sometimes not even magic spells success when it comes to love.

Here at TV Fanatic we're doing our best to pinpoint those characters whose love lives seem particularly unlucky and take them under our wing. We've already doled out our sage advice to Olivia Pope of Scandal, Tony DiNozzo of NCIS and Dr. Temperance Brennan of Bones.

Now it's time to wave our magical wand over Emma Swan of Once Upon a Time

Emma Is Stunning

Dear Emma,
What can we say? Has anyone ever been more unlucky than you when it comes to love? After being abandoned by your parents in an enchanted tree trunk, things didn't get much better for you.

Your first love, Neal left you. Yes, August had convinced him he was doing the right thing. That ditching you would help fulfill some magical prophecy but did desitny really require you to be alone, pregnant, and in prison?

When it comes to curses, you need look no farther than your own love life. The moment Sheriff Graham had eyes for you Regina crushed his heart to dust…literally,

Things with August looked interesting but then he left. When he finally returned he was more wood than man and then the Blue Fairy turned him back into a little boy.  Tough break.

The appearance of Captain Hook looked hopeful, until you ditched him on top of a bean stalk with a giant. Not the best way to build trust.

When you and Neal finally crossed paths again he found out you shared an 11 year old son. And you found out Neal had a secretly evil fiancee. Sigh.

When Shakespeare wrote, "the course of true love never did run smooth" I doubt even he could have imagined a love life such as yours. Cursed is truly the only word we can come up with to accurately describe it.  Perhaps you should talk to Rumpelstiltskin or that Blue Fairy about a cleansing spell before you try your hand at love again.

That said, this isn't the time to give up. Although Neal was sucked through an otherworldly portal after declaring his love for you, all hope is not lost. And if that doesn't work out don't forget about that pirate, Hook. There seems to be a heart hidden under that swagger…and a hotness even magic can't hide.

Do not despair dear Emma. Once Upon a Time season 3 is on its way and with a new season comes the opportunity to change your luck in love.

Dear readers: who would YOU pick to win Emma's heart?

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I wish I could vote for Regina but since I can't: Other. I believe that everyone has the right to have an opinion so please keep it friendly guys. If you like a pairing vote for it instead of wasting time throwing rocks at the others. By the way there is hell a lot of chemistry Emma and Regina and as crazy as I may sound I think it would fit the general plot. Just saying. On other hand the writers have made a lot of parallels between Emma and Hook so it's obvious who's the favorite.


Emma and Hook have MAJOR chemistry I didn't know Swan Queen was a thing until after I watched the whole series and while watching, I never saw anything that resembles chemistry there. Colin has chemistry with anyone but to deny he has this great chemistry with Emma is just unfair and FALSE.


Sorry but where the hell did you saw chemistry with Hook? Colin had more chemistry with Emilie for 2 minutes than he had with JMo for a whole season. I don't ship SQ but I agree that even Regina and Emma had more chemistry. If I have two choose between the two, than Regina, especially now that she's redeeming herself.


Swan Queen will never happen. Regina and Emma are an awful couple. Neal and Emma are an awful couple also but not as bad as Swan Queen. Neither of these couples would last long at all.


I'd like to see Hook and Emma. Emma's reunion with Neal made me want to smack him for all his patronizing, dismissive little comments. I haven't seen much of Season 1 so I can't really speak to Swan Queen much except that, well, the woman is demented and has tried to kill most of Emma's family repeatedly; while I get that Emma has compassion for Regina's past, I don't think that will be enough to let her just overlook the whole "my son nearly died and your only comment was that it was supposed to have been me". Meanwhile, Emma and Hook have a lot of chemistry and while they've been on opposite sides they've never out-and-out been enemies in the way that she and Regina have, plus Hook has shown her far more respect than Neal apparently ever did.


Other? Did you mean Regina?


Regina. Swan Queen is the only Emma ship that makes sense. Too bad the writers most likely want go for it.


Two words: SWAN QUEEN!


Regina!! Swan Queen is the reason I watch the show. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.


Emma was the only one who has ever tried to understand Regina. Even after she found out about the curse. She wanted to give her a second chanse. And Regina was so hurt by Emma calling her a bad person and a villain, because Emma was the only one who has ever seen her as Regina and not the EQ. Just like Belle was the only one who didn't see Rumple as a beast. Call me crazy but I think that's more than "barely tolerating each other". Hook has a similar background - true, but so does Snow, August and Neal. Oh and the last time I checked Emma has never said that she's in love with Hook. She actually doesn't even seem to trust him (not even talking about love). Which is shocking, considering she seems to have more faith in her parents mortal enemy. She did however said she loves Neal.
Anyway I think it's important for Once to break the whole Meant to be/soul mates/fairytale mode if it wants to prove, that it's really an original show.

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