The Vampire Diaries Review: Finding Her Hu-Matt-ity

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Matt Donovan proved one thing on "She's Come Undone," a Vampire Diaries episode that brought back the old Elena, nearly killed the Sheriff and featured Bonnie making a deal with the Devil:

You don't need to wear a varsity jacket to play hero.

Seriously, let's all give a slow clap to Matty D. The guy may not know his Pythagorean Theorem from his Periodic Table, but the busboy saved the day this week. Give that man a promotion, Grill!

Pain for Elena

Matt's quasi sacrifice finally broke down Elena's emotional floodgates at the perfect time.

This storyline has been a tremendous showcase for Nina Dobrev (she was especially strong in the climactic scene, believing her first high school sweetheart to be dead), while also taking focus away from the played-out Cure arc and from the tiresome love triangle.

But we all knew it would conclude at some point and I applaud Julie Plec and company for this creative solution: not only did it give Matt a chance to shine, it served as a callback - a call all the way back - to The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale and this year's premiere, as Matt was able to repay his debt and Rebekah was able to come full circle with an apology for her role in that whole driving-Matt-and-Elena-off-the-bridge-and-prompting-the-latter-to-become-a-vampire thing.

(Pssst, Matt: forget Rebekah as your tutor. You should go ahead and toot her... if you know what I mean!)

Elsewhere... well, not a great deal happened. This was a tight, focused hour that mostly concerned itself with evil experiments on Elena. Not that I'm complaining. The Vampire Diaries can sometimes suffer from too many things happening at once, from going a million (sorry, Caroline, 90 million) miles an hour and relying more on shock and awe than sense and logic.

So I welcomed a respite. The episode was clean and tidy and we were left with some intriguing resolutions:

  • Bonnie has a scheme to bring down the Veil. Hey Bon-Bon, what's the French words for buzzkill?
  • She also has a deal in place with Katherine.
  • Silas has issued a threat that there will be consequences if Bonnie does not live up to her end of their dangerous bargain.
  • Elena wants to kill Katherine because she's responsible for everything that sucks.

That's where we are heading into "The Walking Dead" and then the Season 4 finale. What did you think of "She's Come Undone?"

Are you glad that the old Elena has returned? Is Rebekah on her way to being redeemed? What, exactly, is Bonnie planning? And who would make a better study partner, Caroline or Rebekah? Sound off now, TVD Fanatics!


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Elena with no humanity was fun to watch. But now we got even better, Elena vs Katherine! I can't wait to see were this is going will she die? Or will bonnie put the spell on her just in time. In which case Elena will be so pissed at her!. May I point out that Nina Dobrev is doing awesome!


This episode had a few moments that felt epic, like the good old days where that was expected almost every episode. I feel that while this episode is building up to a possibly good (not great) finale, I am still completely not engaged like I used to be. There was one moment where my friend and I actually yelled at the TV.. when Stefan told Elena to focus on one thing and for a minute, it was a "is she thinking of Stefan or Damon" moment. It felt powerful and emotional. Then, lo and behold, it was all about hating Katherine. BORED. Even Stefan pointed out how Katherine is not worth her time. Its funny how the character on the show actually revealed how bored I am by that plot line. Basically, this whole season was a big fat BUST. I feel like they spent the whole season buying time to play the only episode that will matter, the finale. Seriously, what is going on with the writing of this show?


great episode loved the scenes with elena and Katherine especially their conversation about Elijah, so I read somewhere that in the finale elena makes a decision about the Salvatore brothers. I'm hoping that decision is that she won't be with either of them because as much as I liked this episode and one other in season 4, the whole lets bounce elena around between damon and stefen thing isn't working, she's better off without wither of them. Maybe if caroline goes to visit Klaus in new Orleans she could take elena with her and elena could catch up with with Elijah, please give us elejah fans something here lol:)


I liked Elena better with her humanity off. True she was like Katherine, but it was entertaining to me. Plus, I hate Elena's whiny voice hahaha. I hope Bonnie's plan is really a good one since she is teaming up with Katherine who we all know will probably figure out a way to make Bonnie's plan fail while she still comes out victorious.


So I'll just try again to post a comment.
Kudos to Candice Accola! I actually cried during that scene with Caroline and her mom. It was heartbreaking.
And I'm glad Elena has her humanity back, we already have a Katherine and don't need another one. Just hoping she won't be as whiny as before. Revenge driven Elena sounds good to me so far.
And finally Matt got his chance to shine. He's been so underused it was about time they give this last normal human teenager his moment.
I enjoyed this episode and hope the writers will keep it this way: not too much StElDa as well as enough room for other characters, their developments and storylines!


Over all, I thought it was a good episode. Not the best of the season but still good and moved the plot along. I love that the writers did not wait until the finale for Elena to get her humanity back. We all knew it was going to happen and I love that TVD doesn't hold off those type of plot payoffs. This episode accomplished what it was suppose to, I am ready for the next two episodes and excited about what is to come. And a side note, I hope that whatever spell Bonnie is doing in the next episode or the finale is her last, her character does nothing other than add nothing to the show. She is too much of a loose cannon and a liability to the others with how easily she is manipulated. Kat Graham is a good actress but Bonnie's time on the show has come to an end.


Damon's not a genius....he's the f'ing idiot who made her turn off her humanity in the first place. Stop trying to cling to anything you can to say how amazing Damon is all the time.
I'm glad her humanity is back.....she was basically Katherine 2.0. It was boring.


The actually gasped when damon "killed" matt. That's the damon I love. Too bad we back to theelana.Ihate. Ireally.hate good girl elana. And shouldn't there be consequences of killing a doppolganger (spell check). Oh and didn't they say kat was a doppolganger 2? Why haven't we seen whoever the original person is. Maybe that would get season 5 on track cause idk where they're gonna go without the originals and if elana kills kat. No one wants 2 see vamps in college. Hell they barely went 2 high school. And car was amazing this ep. Silas is lame as hell. Oh and nina was on point wiht the crying scene. Loved that. And my darling beks. Maybe matt will move 2 new orleans and they can be together. I love beks. Oh and bonnie was lame as usual


What the hell is wrong with this moderation thing? I can't comment anything!

Spindae 2o

A good episode!
-Caroline. I mentioned earlier that I love her connection with Stefan. Her talk with Elena was great. Elena is cruel but Caro is a believer. I loved she snapped her neck and Caro needs to destroy her in a 1on1.
ON other hand I love her SILAS scenes. They found the Best one to play with. The way Caro scared and panic was tremendous.
-Stefan is such a wuss. JUST DO IT DUDE!
-Damon, I loved him after a long time. He is the player, he played this with Matt perfectly and he should play it that way, nothing else works for him.
-Matt and Becca! First time I really love them together.
-Katonnie! I love them work together! Their talks, I LOVED it!
-Elena. Nina topped it this week. Both roles. Her snarky self just worked so amazingly well. And almost killing Matt was a great pass. Nina is really amazing. I hope she has a great Future after VD!

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Rebekah: All hands on deck. That's the motto around here, right?
Caroline: We don't have a motto.

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