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If it were acceptable to write an entire review in nothing but screams and exclamation points, I would try it. Because there's certainly a lot of screaming and exclaiming going on inside my brain after watching Scandal tonight.

So much, in fact, that I stopped taking notes on "Any Questions?" somewhere around the time when Cyrus cut James into a million little pieces and then I just watched the rest with my mouth hanging open until... OMG Billy Chambers is the mole!

BILLY CHAMBERS IS THE MOLE. Billy. Chambers. Is. The. Mole. And David Rosen is a double-crossing, crazy-helper.

Scandal Season 1 Scene

I said it in Round Table after Round Table that I didn't think Billy Chambers died at the end of Scandal season 1. We never saw a body and rule #1 of killing people on TV means if we don't see the body there's always a chance the character didn't really die. I love being right!

Billy is the perfect kind of crazy. I mean, he sent Amanda Tanner to seduce the President, knocked her up and told her to pretend it was Fitz' baby. He is a loyal devotee to the Vice President for reasons that aren't entirely clear. And he stabbed a man to death with a pair of scissors! (RIP, Gideon!) 

Billy Chambers is certifiable. And he's back!

More shocking than Billy Chambers being the walking dead is the fact that David Rosen is his accomplice. David double-crossed Olivia, stole the Cytron card back and delivered it into the hands of the one deranged man who is more hellbent on taking down Fitzgerald Grant than any other. 

Let's be clear. David has plenty of reason to want to double-cross Olivia. Plenty. She and her quest to protect Fitz cost David everything. His career, his reputation, his ability to practice law. All of it was lost because of Olivia Pope. He's got a bone to pick and it's a big one. 

But I still never saw that reveal coming. Never ever ever. I was totally shocked. When the camera panned to show his face, there was an audible gasp in my living room and my eyes were as big as saucers. The writers have done such an amazing job of insinuating him into life at Pope and Associates and had him go so far tonight as to say that he's a gladiator. They did such a good job of making me like him and want him to be a part of the team!

It was perfect! PERFECT! Well done! Ah! I love surprises!

I also love that Quinn was the one to talk Huck down from shooting Charlie. She really is becoming, as Abby called her, "baby Huck," and it's really giving Quinn something to do besides fetch coffee. 

Huck is so broken. Wanting to shoot Charlie made sense. Charlie has taken everything away from him. But not shooting him showed courage. It showed just how far Huck has come since he and Olivia found each other. And Charlie had to live to see another day. Because Jake still has to catch him.

Speaking of Jake, I really want to know what his boss' deal is. Is Billy Chambers working with him? Why does he care what's going on with the President? Or with Olivia Pope? What's his plan with the video of Olivia and Jake? Will he use it to drive a wedge between Fitz and Olivia?

I could see that being a reason he would want it. He tried to tell Cyrus to use it for that same purpose, but Cyrus didn't, for whatever reason. Maybe Cyrus realized, after going to Olivia's apartment to retrieve the President and remind him that he does in fact have a job to do, that the video wouldn't work the way he wanted it to work. It wouldn't turn Fitz against Olivia. It would turn Fitz against Cyrus for showing it in the first place. 

The Mellie/Fitz/Olivia triangle is such a weird dynamic. Mellie and Olivia both know Fitz better than he knows himself. They both knew there was no way he wouldn't run for a second term. 

Olivia was right when she said that if he gave that up, eventually, that would be the thing that came between them. Defiance will always creep in between them somehow. 

Defiance will never die. 

Two other things that need to be mentioned before wrapping this up: Cyrus and James, and Harrison.

That fight between Cyrus and James was absolutely brutal. Cyrus Beene! Stop being an ass! He was so unbelievably mean to James tonight and even though it's probably true that Mellie requested him strictly to take a stab at Cyrus, wow. Cyrus cut him to the core. I hope the couch in his office is comfy.

Harrison was straight up shot down by Olivia tonight. He tried to stand up and be her protector, to be brave and save the day for her the way she's done for so many others, but she wouldn't acknowledge that anything was wrong or let him help in any way. She froze him out.

I know I'm probably forgetting something. It's impossible to cover everything in a show with so much to talk about, particularly when my brain is still running in circles yelling "Billy Chambers!!" So, let's talk Scandal in the comments!

What did you think of "Any Questions?" What did you think of Billy Chambers' return? Of David's betrayal? Leave your answers below and be sure to check out the Scandal quotes page for more Gladiator goodness!


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my heart broke into a trillion pieces when I see how Cy laid into james. How could he do that?? when james could have let him fry at the hearing....He made james cry!!!!!! that is not cool...not cool at all...i felt really hurt. if i was james...i would take the baby and leave...seriuosly...Cy was really, really really abusive to him...not cool at all.....i thought that the mole was either sally or billy...but i never saw the david angle at allllllllllll...abby was right...he isnt a good guy after all. as for mellie..she condoned the affair because she thought that it was just one of those 'things'. olivia would be fitz plaything so she wouldnt have to perform her duties. i am not saying that the situation is right but calling olivia names doesnt absolve her of her willing complacency. i like jake..alot and i believe that he has feelings for liv but he is putting his mission first above her..thats y fitz has the edge over him. y would he give up the tape of him and liv having sex when he KNOWS that it will be used to harm her....when she do find out she will hate him for it..atleast fitz was willing to NOT run for office to be with her bcuz her knows that he cant be president and have her at the same time..he choose one..he chose her and thats what counts...i am an OLITZ fan forever...may they ALWAYS be together!!!!!! who vex....... lorse!!!!!!!!!


Billy being the mole is poor storytelling. Mellie/Fixer scenes were filler.


I felt cheated somehow that it was Billy (the goat) Chambers. I wanted someone less grotesque and crazy to be the mole.


This show never fails to shock me. When I saw David was in the car and handed Billy Chambers the card I was like WHAT! I didn't like the idea of David with the team and now I know why. I get that he has lost a lot due to these people but the way they stepped up recently to help you, shows that they never really meant to hurt you, you were just a means to what they had to do. I so hated how Cyrus belitted James so badly. My heart broke for James. He went to far and hit way too below the belt. If I was James I would never ever ever take Cyrus back. Take that beautiful baby of theirs and leave now James. Can't wait to see what the finale is going to be like.


@Everyone - It's a tv show.... called SCANDAL. It's not supposed to be the stuff of moral fiber. It's supposed to be shocking and dramatic. Which it pulls off. And yeah, sometimes it's kinda predictable. But it's almost always entertaining and isn't that why we watch in the first place? To be entertained?!? I can't wait for the finale so I can see what new crazyness Shonda has in store for us. (For the record Shonda annoys the crap outta me, seems like every time she starts to let Grey's have it's magic again, she goes and blows it up with badly contrived drama. Good thing that belongs on Scandal!)


John Barrowman! I yelled yeah when I saw him. I love him. Great episode. There is no way anyone expected Billy or David. Stop pretending you knew! Great episode but I still don't love Olivia and Fitz anymore. She may forgive him but I don't. And how did he "earn" her last week just by sitting on his ass?


honestly getting sick of Olivia and Fitz (what's Fitz gonna do to Jake once he finds out about Jake + Olivia), then what's Olivia gonna do after she finds out about Fitz killing Verna(the old lady in the hospital)..Olivia and Fitz are getting old and burned out!


This episode was truly intense. If was so intense, I really wanted to watch next week episode right now! Long time since I felt such an urge ! I loved the show and the twist and turns! I think Fitz was seriously in wanting to stop running for 2nd term and really go public with Olivia but Olivia got to him. Millie thought Fitz would back down for some other reason. She does not know Olivia got to Fitz. I would still say it is Cyrus love for power that got to Olivia and then Fitz. Billy Chambers and David was a surprised. I forgot about Chambers and he is also playing Carrie's dad in The Carrie Diaries and he had a major role so I really did not expect him to come back to Scandal. I understand David want revenge but to give it to BC, really?!! The mysterious bench man is a secret organisation doing dirty deeds for America something like DIVISION in Nikita. I am just not sure who they are working for and what is their agenda? As much as I loved the show,there were some weak holes though. Why did they keep the card and even if they did, why in an office safe with no other security at all, not even a secret security camera facing the safe? The card is so important and yet everyone knows where it is! Just does not makes sense. And even though Quinn convinced Huck not to kill Charlie,one would think they would at least keep him lock up till they can verify if the name of the mole is real. What if Charlie was lying? It does not seems Huck is so careless. Like I say, cannot wait to see next week.


I think Shonda has gone too far with her fairy tale. She wants us to root for the Olivia and Fitz romance, and for Olivia as "the good girl" heroine. (Soapy music played during Olivia and Fitz's scenes last week.) But Olivia is fooling around with a married man who has children. Naturally then Mellie is portrayed as an evil bitch who is getting in the way of this perfect union. WTH? Olivia is not a whore, but no way can she claim the high-moral ground card. Actually no one in this soap stands on moral ground, high or otherwise, especially Fitz who is ignoring his children his wife and the country. What a load of sentimental, amoral nonsense.


So much awesome that I'm still recovering the morning after. I jokingly said about halfway through, 'what if billy chambers is still alive?' but I never would have expected it to actually be true! I also never expected David to be his accomplice. I think that was even more shocking to me than the reappearance of Billy. We have a lot of the major pieces, but I want to know how the whole thing fits together. I love the way this show reveals small bits at a time and ends up with one major divide that needs to be closed in order for it all to make sense. I've given up on trying to guess what's going to happen because it always blows my mind. I'm just waiting on the edge of my couch for them to tell me if/how David/Billy connects to Jake/Jake's Boss and how much planning went into this. They must have planned to pin that murder on David to get him an 'in' with Pope and Associates so it's been a long road to get here. insane!

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