Revenge Round Table: "Engagement"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw tensions rise between Emily and Victoria, while Aiden and Nolan attempted to derail the Revengenda and two major bombshells were dropped at the end.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down all things "Engagement" and look ahead to next week's epic Season 2 finale.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Engagement"?

Miranda: So easy. Nolan to Aiden: "You could be my bodyguard and I could be your Whitney."

Kate: What Miranda said... BUT to have my own answer, the Jack and Emily scene when he said, "what's different now?" I'm like, NOTHING IS DIFFERENT! Jack is putting the jack in jackass right now.

Carla: Two of the most touching scenes were with Emily. When she talked with Jack on her porch, I just wanted her to tell him the truth, but was happy that they revealed their feelings at least. The other was when she talked to Charlotte. Again, I wish she could just come out and say, "I'm your sister."

Christine: Emily telling Victoria that they'd keep a picture of her up so that her and Daniel's children would recognize grandma was one of the funniest lines of the entire season.

Steve: Watching the $3 billion ACF bank account get drained and the ensuing blackout was pretty awesome, but I have to go with Christine on this one. Emily's picture remark would be a unanimously confirmed member of the Passive-Aggressive Comment Hall of Fame.

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2. Biggest shocker: Takeda's death, or Charlotte's pregnancy?

Miranda: Takeda's death!!! I'm not lying when I said I had to cover my mouth, which was hanging open, while my eyes were as wide as saucers. Charlotte's preggers? Meh. Apples and trees.

Kate: Blah blah blah Charlotte... Takeda's death was a HUGE surprise to me. I honestly thought the fight was going to be some sort of test and then nope, he be dead.

Carla: Takeda's death was a surprise. He made the mistake of taking on Aiden. Though, I'm more intrigued by what Takeda's secret plan for Emily was/is and what happens with that now that Takeda is dead. Charlotte's pregnancy is boring. Nothing original to see there.

Christine: Definitely Takeda's death. I never saw it coming. For a while I wondered if he'd kill Aidan. I started to suspect that Charlotte was pregnant last week.

Steve: I want to say Charlotte, because I did not see that coming, and when was the last time her character provided anything worth discussing? We have a scale to rate her uselessness on the Round Table most weeks! Still ... Takeda shows up? And reveals he has a Revengenda of his own? Then DIES? You can't top that.

3. Are Nolan and Aiden right in trying to stop Emily's Revengenda?

Miranda: Yes, because this is going to consume her until she has nothing left. No, because if they did we wouldn't have a show anymore.

Kate: Yeah. They both care so immensely about her that they don't want her to feel empty once it's all said and done.

Carla: They have good intentions, but they are going about it in the wrong way. Going around Emily and emptying the Grayson's bank account was a mistake. Aiden is blinded by his own inability to get over what happened to his sister and probably to his father as well. And, Nolan was too easily swayed.

Christine: They're right in that I don't think she'll feel much peace after she's done. I think continuing will only cause more harm but Emily will never see it that way. Besides, it's hard to come face to face with Victoria and Conrad and not want to make them pay.

Steve: These guys are great and their intentions as positive as can be, but how did they think liquidating the account would do to help their cause? I can't see that swaying Emily, can you?

4. Should Emily reveal her true identity to Jack?

Miranda: YES YES YES! Did I say that loudly enough? YES.

Kate: Y.E.S. If you would have asked before this episode I would have said no but at this point the angst between these two cannot carry on any longer.

Carla: ABSOLUTELY! Enough of this secret. And, when it happens it better be EPIC. I mean ... isn't that moment the reason we stuck through his horrid season?

Christine: How is the poor guy going to wrap his head around that one. That his wife was just some stripper who took Amanda's name and the girl from his childhood has been playing him and everyone else for over a year. I can't imagine that's going to go well. 

Steve: He's slipping away from her and everything is coming to a head. I don't see any way around it for her at this point. Agree with Carla, though ... it had better be worth the wait!

5. Will Conrad win the gubernatorial election?

Miranda: Probably. I'm not at all sure how I feel about that.

Kate: I think yes. Like Miranda said, I don't know how to feel about that either. But giving a Grayson more power could ultimately lead to a more fulfilling end to Conrad via Emanda. There's more at stake for him to lose.

Carla: Probably, though just because he wins doesn't mean he will actually take office. There is plenty of time for his past to come back and cause him problems even if he is declared the winner.

Christine: Probably but I'd love to see him go down in flames.

Steve: I doubt the show will go there, but I hope he does. Emily's journey could be (double) infinitely more compelling next season if it involves ousting the sitting Governor of New York State.

6. So the Initiative (maybe) cut the power. Now what?!

Miranda: There will be a baby boom in about nine months' time.


Carla: Did the Initiative cut the power? I thought that it was actually triggered by the bank transfer that Nolan and Aiden did through a hidden code placed by Fa1c0n. She did it as leverage to get her out of prison. If it was the Initiative ... how disappointing.

Christine: LOL! I love Miranda's prediction about the baby boom. I just hope it doesn't get resolved too quickly. 

Steve: Was this the work of the Fa1c0n or part of the Initiative's plan? Both? If the group's goal is to cause unmitigated disasters and reap the benefits of recovery, you can bet there are more layers, with huge casualties.

7. Who will die on the Season 2 finale?

Miranda: I kind of hope it's Daniel. I just... don't like him.

Kate: Aiden... At this point it seems so obvious that he might, like Takeda said he is a distraction. *curls up in fetal position and cries*

Carla: Based on the pictures from the episode, I'm going to guess Charlotte. Though, I'm not sure the point of the pregnancy storyline in that case. Otherwise, Aiden seems likely. It definitely could be just about anyone. Though, if it's Jack ... I'm out. No Season 3 for me.

Christine: Wasn't Takeda enough? I suddenly feel guilty hoping for Declan's demise knowing that he has a child on the way. These Porter boys are reproducing a little too quickly.

Steve: It's hard to predict, given the twists and turns of the past two weeks and the sheer number of ways this could play out. I'd bet on Charlotte, though. Not only would this spur Emily revealing her true identity to Jack, it would give her even more motivation to go hard after Conrad and Victoria.

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