Once Upon a Time Season Finale Preview: Will Storybrooke Survive?

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Last night's outstanding episode of Once Upon a Time was just the beginning, as next week's conclusion to the two-part, second season finale is shaping up to be just as epic.

The promo ABC aired immediately after "Second Star to the Right" made sure the hype for "And Straight on 'Til Morning" would continue to build as the season draws to a close.

They knew magic would come with a price, but that price may be the total destruction of Storybrooke. In the promo, we see just how far its embattled residents are willing to go.

The fate of the fairy tale character-filled town doesn’t look good, but all hope is not lost yet. The Charmings, Emma and Regina are doing what they can to ensure everyone won’t die.

“There is no stopping it. The best thing I can do is slow it down,” she says, as she attempts to channel every remaining bit of her magic into the diamond in the mines beneath.

Follow the link for our Once Upon a Time review from last night, then check out the promo below, and then you tell us what you think will transpire next Sunday night ...

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

They didn't kill my son. I did. I brought magic to this world to find Bae and now he's dead. Magic always has a price and this is it but I'm prepared to die.

Mr. Gold

Lucky? I'm a prisoner of pirates in a world cursed by magic.